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October 26th, 2016

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Droopy: radio
"Work" wasn't open today. We don't open October - April.

So we had more visitors than we do some weeks. WTF? ONL decided that because we (ONL, Elvis, Mowing Mike and Me) were all in (the office, the garden, Elvis's secret hideout) we'd put the "open" sign up - just the one in the window and the price board and see if we'd catch anybody.

Cue 15+ visitors and more souvenir sales than you can possibly imagine. Highlights:
  • Mum: Oh They're Naughty Pictures!? (topless reconstructed ladies)*

  • Girl: Can I have a pencil for my friend, Alice? Can I have a pencil for my friend, May? I'm a friend of me so can I have a pencil?

  • My version of basement anti-cobweb sweeping? I wait for the spiders to relocate first

p.s. school next week: first visit of the year.

*This reminds me of the time a little boy wanted to buy one of our topless lady postcards "for my dad". The teacher wouldn't let him. :-(

October 24th, 2016

Would Pheonix!Quentin have lunch dates/meetings with Galactus? Gally (let's face it, Quentin) can eat the planet while Pheonix can eat the sun. And they could talk about how much of a pain in the ass the Shi'ar are.

Dosk says yes. He also says:

If every species sees Galactus as an extra-large version of their own race, does Quentin have a big enough ego to see another Quentin.


For those not in the know, Quentin Quire is probably the next Pheonix because what everyone wants is a telekinetic, telepathic, genius, borderline sociopath in control of a star-eating alien force that goes around eating planets, playing god and generally pissing people off.

He is the happy owner of many slogan-covered t-shirts: Days of Future Pasta is one of my favourites *points to icon*

If you need hot Quentin action (he does) try Jason Aaron's run of Wolverine and the X-Men. He is trouble with a capital Q.

October 23rd, 2016

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cross stitch: birdy
Hello. After finding that it had garnered 4 pages of spam comments offering me all forms of dubious websites, I went and deleted the gosh-darn post. I don't think anybody wants to read about my headaches c. 2013 anywhichway.

This is as exciting as it gets. I currently face a huge world-changing dilemma: what colour do I outline my cross-stitch fairy in? The given colour is bramble bush, which is one of the most variegated hand-dyed thread that claims it is a solid colour. Do I go with dark brown, barbie's suntan, or somewhere inbetween?

The lack of things I have heard about Dr Strange and its lack of reviews in the Sunday papers does not bode well. The character has never done much for me as I only ever see him guest-staring in other people's books and comes across as a smug guy who knows what you don't and is enjoying not telling you. The one Dr Strange book I do own is:

Dr Strange: Way of the Weird by Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo*. Jason and Chris are two of my favourite creators and worked together on Wolverine and the X-Men (vol 1). Dr Strange is still smug and arrogant (which is what got him where he is today, truth be told) and somewhat self-obsessed (but is, at least, aware of it) and narrates a typical day-in-the-life: a spell to see if a soul-sucking babe is "into me" (yes), a girl whose hair really does eat hairbrushes, new and interesting (possibly venereal - a soul-sucking-babe, who can tell?) magical maladies and Wong (the cliché manservant) being un-cliché and trés cool. So. Yes. If disappointed with movie, read it.

*It's an amazon uk link, sorry

October 17th, 2016

This post features my vacation project from Madeira but it also shows off one of my very exciting works in process. So hang onto your hats, people!

[Here it is: pretty things]IMG_20161017_154102_hdr.jpg

That was my holiday project. It's called Plumberry Sampler by Sweet Heart Tree and the letters are in teeny tiny stitch (cross stitch groupies, this is over one on 28 count linen). It was mostly fun but it got very frustrating. The kits used to contain needles, but now they don't and I didn't take any beading needles (Mill Hill petite sead beads really need one). So I did the beads at home.

Now, here is something exclusive to this journal:

This should be Halloween Fairy by Nora at Mirabilia. Unless I have cut the head off because I am new to this tablet photography thing. I normally like hand dyed threads but these are really difficult and tough to match. I will leave forensics until I've finished it.

October 16th, 2016

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cross stitch: birdy
I'm completely wound up for cross-stitching, but all the things I have to do need to be done in daylight. :-(

Colour matching (with hand-dyed threads) and beading (nearly impossible - I can't make the chart work). Dang.

October 12th, 2016

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animal: omg llamas!
Take that, knit and natterers! ONL ate one of my cookies*.

In other news, my other colleague (Elvis) is back from Australia and is pretty pleased with his AU$ 260 customised crocodile-skin belt.

[*that is pretty amazing when it comes to ONL - he obsesses about healthy eating and cutting down salt/sugar/cholesterol/fat/taste.]

October 11th, 2016

Beating Around The Bush

hugh house
Okay, today was rather boring. I had a hard time convincing people to eat my traditional Madeiran Sugar-Cane-Juice cookies at the knit and natter. It is amazing how many people say they are on a diet, don't eat during the day... in the face of one tiny cookie. :-(

Trying to make this post less-depression-making, here are some pictures of a very famous part of Madeira:


This is the famous Botanic Garden at Funchal. This is topiary taken to the nth degree. The gardens are amazing. Sadly, wild-fires earlier in the year had taken out the arboretum (a collection of trees - mummyfrog took some heart-rending pictures) and the orchid gardens (which are/were legendary). In other news, the Aviary was closed to visitors and the cable-car was grounded. The cable car is pretty much essential if you want to visit from the main town: the general terrain is steep (or if you ask a friendly local taxi driver: stip) and walking down to the entrance from the (closed) upper cable car station is bad enough - walking up from the town would be worse.

BTW, those are the natural colours. I am not playing around with brightness settings etc.

More GardeningCollapse )

October 8th, 2016

Cross Stitching

ckr: fear is negotiable
Guess what I'm doing! I'm finishing up this year's vacation project and should have some final pics soon. In the meantime I am switching all the Summer Stuff from Wardrobe A (most accessible) to Wardrobe B (built in) so I can get my Winter Stuff where it needs to be. Yay.

October 4th, 2016

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callum and hugh
I am now back from the scheduled buzzy!vacation to Madeira.

view over the cristo rei statue in garajau, madiera

Madeira is a small(ish) volcanic island in the Atlantic Ocean and is a part of Portugal.

I've been trying to write this post for five minutes and I'm not doing very well at it.

So here is a picture of the view from the villa where I was staying. It looks out onto the
Cristo Rei statue in Garajau. The statue is surprisingly large and the promontory is connected to the beach below by a cable car. On Saturday, we went down to the beach and had a look around and tried to photograph people in the other car. The cafe there serves alcohol and toast.

More statue-related information: http://www.visitmadeira.pt/en-gb/homepage/statue-of-christ-king-at-garajau

September 16th, 2016

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dS manga: ben with wings
It was seriously wet today. At "work" I met a promising new tour guide: every time I pointed or swept my hand around he did too. He also wore a nice sort of green all-in-one and didn't cry (much).

I also bought flip-flops (borderline unseasonable) and some take-away carrot cake (if I knew she was just going to sling it in a paper bag, I'd have eaten it there) and more rain.
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