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October 22nd, 2014

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planetary: elijah
It is the annual trying on of the goth dress.

It is black, velvety and slinky (or would be if I were a dress size smaller) - think Mortitia after a shrink-ray and fed with lots of chocolate/vanilla fudge.

Yes, I have chocolate/vanilla fudge. No, I am not sharing.

ETA: This amuses me greatly Fraternization Policy Implementation Memo from Agent May to Agent Coulson.

October 18th, 2014

Short of saying "the Tardis has shrunk" I'm not going to be talking about plot here. It's the old school buzzy-meta approach.

Some people may have seen an earlier attempt at this post.

Clara, Clara, Clara, What Are You Doing?

When the Doctor starts making moral judgements on human behaviour you should get worried, when they start being right, run for the door. The Doctor says pretty much what the Audience has for most of this season - Clara's shoddy behaviour towards Danny is getting out of hand and getting increasingly emotionally cruel. Danny is - it seems - the man she wanted to spend her life with so why is she still gallivanting around the cosmos? I'm not sure what lie/lies are getting to the Doctor more, but he is worried.

I think the Doctor is beginning to get a better picture of how human relationships work (let's face it, the only parallels have is a couple of couples travelling together and the dysfunctional road-crash that is River Song) and after this episode you can see it. Perhaps...

[turns the review sideways here]
{okay, so it's lifted from the old version of this post}

If we are still in the market for a male companion then Rigby seems to be another close-miss - he was on his phone to his mum and the engineer from last episode had a family to go home to... and Clara? Isn't going to have much of anything if she carries on like this. With two characters like this in a row, are they changing the Doctor's "normal" for human relationships?

{now not lifted from old version of this post}
...and Danny himself, he had somebody to go to/stay for: Clara.

What is really worrying (us and the Doctor) is how Clara seems to be free-falling into the Doctor's "she cares so I don't have to" persona and his opus-operandi of lying (badly) through his teeth as if that would make the problem go away (sorry 12, but 11 cornered the market in that one) and lying to people in mortal terror (who are probably going to die) and showing a disregard for individual deaths (the ones that appalled her so much she "left"). What we do know about the Doctor's tendency for lying: he doesn't do long-term ongoing lies, his are all mission-focused (even if his focus is a bit off) and getting things done (albeit at any cost).

This seems to be one of the things that worries the Doctor about Clara's changes. She spends much of this episode as a Substitute Doctor and her interoperation of Doctor-ish behaviour is freaking the Doctor out. The increasingly worried Doctor...

fuck it, this post is not working - I've been typing for an hour now and still seem to be getting nowhere fast - I think I know what I want to say, but not how to say it.
Oh. That was an actually good episode. I am very very surprised. It is actually very very smart and extremely funny. I don't think it is a [Spoiler]spoiler that the Tardis gets shrunk but the Doctor and his attempts to move the Tardis was absolutely hilarious. Rigby gets a lot of love ♥ and even the Doctor is fed up with Clara's duplicity. Thank you, I've been fed up with it for weeks and as the Doctor seems to be making better moral judgements is very disturbing. It is almost as if they're beginning to swap places on the whole Clara/Danny relationship - the Doctor being the concerned worried person an... none of the above made much sense, right?

The Doctor is making better people-related judgements than Clara who seems to be slipping (to the Doctor's horror) into his headspace.

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Plus everything about mini-Tardis. Rocked My Socks.

And Rigby <3. If we are still in the market for a male companion then he seems to be another close-miss - he was on his phone to his mum and the engineer from last episode had a family to go home to... and Clara? Isn't going to have much of anything if she carries on like this. With two characters like this in a row, are they changing the Doctor's "normal" for human relationships?

Title Explained (sort of)Flatland by A Square

October 16th, 2014

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quentin quire: bad news
Oh. 1006 words of Dark Captain America and Quentin non-con written, with developed plot, one rounded character, and an entire alternative universe created. It is not a nice place to be a Quentin. Especially if you have been brain-washed/re-educated into Obedience - a nasty little system, you follow orders on automatic, well, almost automatic, Quentin is doing some really ill-advised defying right now. That sort of thing would make you the test subject for the latest anti-telepathy systems, if you think screaming, flashbacks and a medically induced coma are fun games. And Captain America is just now finding out about Quentin's drug habits... because it is impossible for him not to tell.

Lsd as psychic Ritalin, anyone? [this is an oldie-but-goodie buzzy personal idea/trope thing in most of the nastier but unwritable unplotable AUs]

Just getting darker

hugh house
The Quentin/Cap thing is just getting darker and darker and I am beginning to get lost in this AU and its own take on events. Quentin was "rescued" by Captain America and Wolverine after the pyshic-pipe-bomb incident -- only not in a good rehab/loving environment. Instead, there is something nasty... a sort of brain-washing, I think, that makes it near impossible to fight an Order - Quentin's "good fight" (or whatever passes for it in a dark AU) isn't about choice, he has no control over it. Just enough illusion of control in his life - stupid t-shirts, sharpies, caffeine and his "school environment" - to make the rest faintly bearable. There is the Obedience and it seems to have been worked/reinforced into his head and not consensually. As the fic goes on, his pretence of independence, the shouting the t-shirts, horrifyingly fades away as the Obedience takes over and he doesn't have any choice in what Cap wants him to do...

A nasty little example: the Stark PsiSecure System that keeps Quentin out of Captain America's head was actually written and tested by him and on him (and trust me, you wouldn't self-inflict the thing on you)

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plot carrot
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

October 14th, 2014

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quentin quire: bad news
Still with the down-ness right here. Trying to avoid deep thinking about a)the Future and b) the Present, and obsessing about c) the past

There are upswings (many upswings) so:
  1. Have started the cross stitch project I should had done on holiday except for the bit where the fabric didn't get packed (see, nice neutral blame-free comment) and am doing rather well at it. It's Elizabeth's Jubilee by the Sweetheart Tree (I am a SHT - better acronym please - fan) and I have done the outer section and all the sodding beading (there was beading, there was trauma)
  2. I have new "Wolverine and the X-Men" trades but somehow not read them (as if I don't want more Quentin-goodness
  3. Quentin is the REALLY LOUD ONE with Pink Hair and one of the most fun X-men since what every team needs an anti-capitalist anarchist telepath/telekinetic whose favourite activities are a)mayhem b)unethical telepathy and c)annoying the hell out of people. "Also, a genius"
  4. And I finally have a Quentin / Wolverine and the X-Men Plot Bunny that might actually work - Hallowe'en at the Jean Grey School - What could possibly go wrong?*

Oh and Spooky and I are going on a field trip. I have drunk four diet cokes today

Is there a Quentin Comm?, I wonder. If there isn't Quentin Quire, Kid Omega, Greatest X-Man Ever and future Dark Phoenix demands one and claims the right to write it all.also_genius

*everything - Quentin is being too smart for his own good, Broo is using the party to gain sociological insight, nobody knows where Evan is and Edie... Logan can't find Edie

October 11th, 2014

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kowalski: pinboard
I haven't really had much to report from here at the b-cave. I now hate all financial form-filling (okay, I've always hated financial form-filling, this was just my annual booster dose). Talked to dosk about frustration/endless do-this-do-that/patronising/wash-rinse-repeat/treat-buzzy-like-a-twelve-year-old from mummyfrog, when he said they were both "out". Guess what? Mummyfrog wasn't out shopping with bbd, she was in the kitchen, under the landing where dosk and I were having our little heart-to-heart. Colour this awkward -- as if it wasn't before.

[for the benefit of those who don't know, buzzy is over twenty-one and living at home for health/real-life reasons.]

October 8th, 2014

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dS manga: ben with wings
Nothing much going on here. Seem to be falling into the sleep/ do stuff/ sleep during afternoon/ wake up/ have no clue what to do/ go to bed pattern again. This is not good as it is how my "downs" start and I have enough depressing health/benefits/work stuff without adding the depressing depression to the list.

The difference is between things being depressing and becoming depressed independently

Things that make me feel depressed - co-dependant depression?

Staying depressed on my own - after the things packed their bags and out the door.

October 7th, 2014

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cross stitch: birdy
Everything here is either quiet and boring or quiet and pointless.

I'm currently stitching some of what should have been my Holiday Project (except for the bit where we didn't pack the fabric) so I've got that going. Spooky baked me a cake! It was in return for the box full of art/drawing inks and the masking fluid (which she unwisely sniffed) which was nice but unnecessary. The last bit sounds terribly British. ;-) I say, would your dog terribly mind removing his teeth from my leg? *giggle*

The cake is very nice. There was the question of transporting it in the car and finding a suitable container. Bbd says there was already a suitable container: him.
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