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February 16th, 2017

Okay (sort of)

cross stitch: sleeping beauty
Hello there. I exist! Just not on the internet at this moment. I've had the no-posting guilt/ anxiety/ extra guilt thing. Around two weeks ago, I had my first seizure in forever and it was in front of my computer (which I probably shouldn't have been on) and now everyone in my life talks about limited computer time and I have been using the downstairs machine (where peeps can see me and nag me about screen time more effectively)

It has, however, done wonders for my cross-stitching progress and I now have most of a mirabilia mermaid* Since she's a magazine design the price of the bits is relatively low (this does not mean much) except for the bit when I realised I could have done with two skeins of hideously expensive hand-dyed thread** so there was no possible threat of running out doing the large surrounding frame. The problem being hand dyed = matching dye lots = therefore must buy two from the same lot = £10+ plus postage.

Yeah. It's a cheap mirabilia (try the website mirabilia.com) and that is a very strange idea these days. [points to icon] That, o peoples of the internet, is a mirabilia with unusually high background stitching area. the cabbage roses*** are also very mirabilia - though why they are underwater being held by a mermaid I don't have any idea.

So, uhm, yes, buzzy is alive, kicking and stitching complicated things. Also, I am writing extremely long needle-work-centric foot-notes some of which are historically/sociologically interesting. I am sure you all need to know more about victorian escapism.

More to the [needle]point: the Victorian Lady's own Mindfulness Activity: Berlin Wool Work.

*Mirabilia is Nora Corbett who is one of the most famous people in cross-stitch and she specialises in very complicated mermaid/fairy/angel/princess/myffic-with-extra-myff/fine-lady designs. They have a Cult Following. They are also getting increasingly expensive to "kit up" - i.e. you buy the chart and then you buy your own thread. Did I say about the incredibly expensive bit? That may have something to do with her publisher/distributor owning the biggest specialised embroidery bead and twinkly bits brand (for "biggest" read "only") and the sole wholesaler for an entire european embroidery fabric brand in the US.

I think you can tell what way this is going. The more recent designs require more and more beads, twinkly bits and strange and exotic fabric. They do twenty-seven-and-a-half count fabric woven from unicorn tears - [looks at pattern] - I never knew that even existed and it costs as little as £21.00/metre!. Ooh. I need three packets of iridescent fairy-toenail charms only £4.50/packet. I am not freaking kidding, those are representative prices, when you look at a design and realise that you need 15+ packets of different beads and charms... the things cost up at around £100 before adding your fabric (at least that's cheaper here), specialist threads (oh dear!) and standard embroidery floss (list price - £1.00 a bunch - importing from the US - $0.39 a bunch - recommended on that one)...

You can guess why I don't do many mirabilia designs these days. They are stunningly beautiful but only at a stunning price.

** we're talking about £5.00+ a bunch with five colours - I said tit was a cheap mirabilia; it's a very specialised interpretation of the word "cheap"

*** and that is a proper needlework-history term for the motif - the victorians were very big on them to the point that they were (considered) the nadir of originality, good taste and skilled art-needle-work.

In very snitty pseudo-academic skilled-needlework circles they still are along with their medium counted/charted cross-stitch. These people are incredibly unpleasant and can get vicious. Because... counted cross-stitch is "only" copying.

I have a deep and fervent desire to beat them up with a handmade Berlin-wool Fire Screen that somebody put a lot of love and effort into while living in an incredibly claustrophobic and restrictive society and found happiness and fulfilment there. I have patterns, they are cliched because they were so bloody popular and they do include a lot of roses, pets, bucolic landscapes and faux-medieval designs. They are also bloody hard work and if the snitts start baying about skill, they can try to do plush-work heavy-relief parakeets with metal thread work and then say how easy they find it.

February 1st, 2017

Dr Who?

who: fangirl rose
Unlucky no. 13 (Capaldi) is already of the house and it's begun:

The next Doctor must be a female or Person of Colour.

Okay, so I want my new Doctor to be:

* an actor with a positive interest in the role.
* an actor who emotionally wants the role.
* an actor who is willing to be "Doctor Who" for the rest of his/her/hir life
* an actor who has it in him/her/hir -self and the ability to break free of type-casting
* an actor who is distinctive, creative, driven and energetic

Okay, so I want any Doctor to be:

* somebody who can be a MAD HUMANOID IN A BOX
* a being from a fantastically advanced civilisation who decides they enjoy hanging out with a bunch of hominids who haven't figured out how not destroy their world and develop a civilisation that results in the happiness of all.
* a being who thinks all the above is a good idea and emotionally and personally wants us to get there

(no subject)

ckr: fear is negotiable
Not a lot to really say here. Sky and Discovery came to a deal. Bbd is still wondering whether it is worth paying £120 extra for the "documentaries and kids" bundle. Why lump "documentaries" and "kids" together in the first place? My problem/worry is that it removes a lot of the stuff I stitch by.

January 30th, 2017

(no subject)

dS manga: ben with wings
I'm having a spectacularly good day right now. I've figured out what was going wrong with the x-stitch mermaid, emptied the dish-washer and written a rather long waffle-filled letter in German. And I heard back from my tall american friend that the chocolate care package went down very well.

I'm not really bilingual but a lot of people assume so. The word is sesquilingual - I speak one and a half languages. My grammar is interesting and my word-bank is (as ever) way too small.

Drucken Sie die Daumen. Warum? Dass ich nicht etwas zu komisch geschriebt habe.

January 27th, 2017

Sky has told Discovery to get fucked because they didn't want to pay a better price. Currently, they are/were paying Discovery less money than in 2010.   Discovery have 13 channels.

Therefore, your "documentary bundle" now gets you:
*National Geographic (home of 101 real-life documentaries about truckers/crabbers...)
*[National Geographic] History (aka the Hitler channel)
*Yesterday (the channel where history means re-runs of 'Allo 'Allo and the Two Ronnies)
*Eden - the channel that includes proper science (mostly documentaries previously seen on the BBC)
*Crime Channel (uhm... )
What is amazing is Sky's level of bullshittery:

Sky offers a huge range of unmissable content, from award winning documentaries to thrilling entertainment.We've an incredible line-up of programming scheduled from partners like Nat Geo, History and CI, as well as a fantastic range of Sky Original content.

Upcoming programmes include: Big Cat Week, Explorer, Wild Strategies and Killing Regan from Nat Geo; Black Sails, Obama Legacy and Hunting Hitler from History; and Portrait Artist of the Year, Tate Walks and Freddie Fries Down Under from Sky Arts/Sky 1.

We also have more than 800 episodes of documentaries available on demand for Variety and Box Sets customers to watch whenever and wherever they want, including Origins, Ross Kemp Extreme World and the David Attenborough Collection.

Yes, that's exactly what shows on the remaining channels.  This isn't better and new programming.  It's what you got alongside your 13 Discovery channels (so the same National Geographic repeats and "docudramas", the same History that only ever covers the second world war and conspiracy theories, the same Sky Arts channel where they removed Sky Arts 2 and told us it was "improving" the channel by stripping-out original programming, the amazing new Sky 1 content (Freddie Fries is a Cricket Player who is road-tripping through Australia in a chip van) and lots of repeats of the 3d documentaries they made with David Attenborough.  You're still getting all of that wonderful old content "on demand" though (just as you have for the last ump years... and you didn't watch it then, it was that enticing).


Discovery are running a twitter hashtag campaign to try and get Sky to listen to their viewers.

Sky are raising everybody's subscriptions.

and just so you know, sports bundle people are losing two channels as well.
secondly, they said it here:
annoy them and keep clicking the "no" button?

January 25th, 2017

*points to icon*

welsh: headdesk
He said he liked badly educated people because they vote for him.

He needs more to keep him in power.


January 20th, 2017

nihil novi

welsh: headdesk
My heart has made that (metaphorical) hm..uhm sound as it went from nice... to black hole in one go. There will be a new Laundry book somewhere in June/July {the Delirium Brief} and then heart!sink "can't you just leave your politics out of it?" if I didn't feel tired already

uhm, this post makes no sense.

If I didn't feel low enough, reading the back-copy of a book in a series you are incredibly fond of and finding that the story seems subsumed in the writer's political opinions (surprise, he doesn't like tories... they are the EVUL because they have SINISTER PLANS to... PRIVATISE oxygen supply...

Honestly? Please grow up. If you want to stick your Realpolitik in fine... just leave your personal bile out of it...

Hell, if you substitute tories with ENGLISH HERITAGE and their EVUL plans to take over EVERYONE and then... shut everyone down because they DON'T LIKE us and want all our funding for their own...

You get ONL for the last 30+ years and I'm tired of this same pattern again and again... nihil novi [nothing new] and I am really, really tired of this stupid repeating meme

[Okay, if you want to play around with the Blood Libel, do, just shut the fuck up around me... it's not nice, playing a fuzzy-liberal play-nicely piggy-in-the-middle while both sides shoot cannon at each other...]

My imaginary Laundry book is called the Angleton Office - it pretty much stops there [I think my meds ate my creativity... I'm not very imaginative these days]

January 18th, 2017

(no subject)

quentin quire: bad news
Today, I have finally got the dosk to watch the Captain America movie and bask in its awesome. He also says that every single image in the end credits references a specific contempory/period propaganda poster. Trust him, dosk knows his posters (and much else).

It also makes the Captain and Quentin story in A+X equally interesting (as if it wasn't before).

Quentin's contempt for authority and (what he considers) and blind respect for/obidience to those in power matches surprisingly well with Young Steve's anger at power being in the hands of the wrong people and determination to get it back where it can do some good.

Okay for Quentin substitue "get it back where it can do some good" for "get it to me". And the unspoken follow through being that he is a genius and he is A) fed up with the "grown-ups" getting it wrong and B) would be far better at getting it right. Except when his ego gets in his way or his over-confidence means that he doesn't think things through... something Young Steve seriously didn't have.

January 17th, 2017

(no subject)

cross stitch: birdy
The Knit and Natterers (supposedly more genteel than a stitch'n'bitch) have a new location which is (everyone present considers) a huge improvement.

After the new owners took over our previous location (which I was never hot on - it was in an atrium at a "dead mall" or at least a zombie mall - and was freezing in winter) it was pretty clear that we weren't welcome (or at least they didn't give an anything about our custom - 15+ coffees, 5 dinners) and they (pointedly) shut down and locked up at 3pm (without telling us - first we knew was when the shutters went down).

The new venue people are nicer and the staff actually have an interest in the knit/crochet/anything-else and those 15+ coffees in a completely dead mid-afternoon slot. If the appreciative noises around the wall-menu are any indicator, they're probably looking at 5+ dinners. Pat asked do they do omlettes? which is pretty surprising as she is the shyest person I have ever known.

It is also the only place that offers Turkish Breakfast with Chips. Furthermore they have cake and lahmacun*. Yummy.

*I hope I've got that right. It's the kind of Turkish "pizza" that isn't pide.
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