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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

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July 25th, 2016


dief: Dief cry
The 15 sided biscornu pin concussion thing is no more.

It went wrong at the construction stage last night and when "closed" it looked like the only pincushion in the world with erectile dysfunction.

I took out a panel today and the whole segment pretty much fell to peaces [sp?] and then the fabric frayed past the outline/construction line and into the main body of the panel. The surrounding pasts are pretty much wrecked and now dissolving

[the spell check gave me "concussion" for cushion - I'm keeping it that way]

July 22nd, 2016

(no subject)

nightcrawler: sleeping
I have an appointment with my Scary Brain Care Consultant next week and my brain is already beginning to stay up all night and churn through scenarios and my psychological issues and how they fit in along with the hard-core caffeine addiction which may be masking my pain levels.

Also: I really like today's t-shirt on tee-fury. Should I buy, kemusabe? http://www.teefury.com/ (the Addams one) Seriously, I was described as Wednesday Addams but gloomier at uni. (see psych issues above) I just wish I had the self-confidence.

ETA: now I am thinking about the House/Addams (sp?) fanfic.

(It's good - Cuddy had a rather rich uncle who paid her way through med-school...)

ETA Squared: Surprisingly hard to find --> https://www.fanfiction.net/s/3256089/1/House-and-Family

July 21st, 2016

Hey. I was gloming through my hard-drive: and found one file called "Another Quentin Thing Finished" and that was news to me. I thought the million variations of "My name is Quentin Quire and I.." sitting around in .txt files died at birth (or at least in two paragraphs) and while Quentin!speak is realllllllly fun getting it go anywhere is realllllly hard. This might explain how I have one monologue that is actually finished slipped my mind. Wether it is any good is up for debate (I haven't read it all yet) but anyways, I like writing "My name is Quentin Quire"s:

My name is Quentin Quire and I have Instagram in my brain. Though it shares space with the entire works of Shakespeare (including Love Labours Wonne - no I am not telling), every major chess match since the beginning of time (or at least since the begininng of nerds to write it down) and the words to Oklahoma. The other Oklahoma, the one that got me booted from my last school. I ...er decided to rewrite it and then I rewrote it over the one in the chorus's heads.

The icon is one of Quentin's more self-referentional t-shirts. Quentin's t-shirts are a good reason to read comics.

July 16th, 2016

(no subject)

quentin quire: bad news
I mentioned a couple of entries back that I accumulate thread from charity shops, gifts... stationers. Well, the mummyfrog has excelled herself and bought me £12.50 in threads from a charity shop. There are 173 skeins of them which (if I can use a calculator properly*) comes out as 7p a skein. Yeeps.

PS. My other big achievement is explaining the history of our [heritage site]^ in German to a rather startled German guy in, well, German. Well, mostly German. Wild coincidence: I looked up what [building material] was in German on Wednesday night.

*ONL has his doubts, my take never adds up properly. I think there is a little pixie that steals visitor tickets.
^ the [heritage sector] is low on funding, at least for our [heritage site] where we rely a lot on volunteer staff [me] and school visits for students aged about [age] who are studying [period] this term.

July 15th, 2016


animal: omg llamas!
I am trying to make one of these:

15-sided biscornu

I might be a little crazy.

(no subject)

exc: oh dear!
I rather forgot to talk to you again.

Yesterday, at work I showed Mr Plum (a new guy - he sounds plummy) "the unbeatable squirrel girl" and I could hear him snickering in the office. He wants to know if there is more. So, at wild expense, I have ordered volume 2.

If you haven't heard of Donna Green - aka: the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl - then, what can I say? She's a very outgoing young lady who has just started college but is trying to juggle computer science with kicking butt. She has "the proportional strength and abilities of a squirrel" and has written her own theme song that sounds very familiar but doesn't really scan that well ( Squirrel Girl, Squirrel Girl, Does What Ever A... Yes. That theme tune). She is not always the smartest spoon in the kitchen, but she is unbeatable. Kraven The Hunter totally pwned. Dr Doom totally embarrassed. Galactus... She's small, bouncy and can talk to squirrels. A totally cool super power. She also has good lateral thinking skills and a set of Deadpool's Super- (Uhm I can't spell the V--- word well enough for spell-check to tell me how it's wrong) Trading Cards which comprise her entire knowledge of... well... bad guys. Her best power isn't really talking in squirrel, it is in being Marvel's greatest Optimist. Also:

We don't need Luck, we've got nuts.

July 8th, 2016

(no subject)

hugh huh (twitch)
Anchor (the cross stitch thread company) have gone under.

There is epic panic buying (and I am a panicked buyer).

A bunch of sites have collapsed. :-(

Does this mean that my box of "vintage" anchor* isn't "vintage" anymore?

Does no new supplies (i.e. because of no re-stocks and ceasing manufacture) count as "vintage"? hmmm?

[on the up-ish side, my team, portugal have made it to the top of the discount sweep-stakes - 30% off my vacation stitching. I have obscure and reasonably expensive tastes. No more new mirabilia designs for me - I cost most of them to about £70+]

*If you are wondering:- charity stops and gifts and discontinued stocks. Most of my gifts are seriously old-school. I have a pre-war biscuit tin with wood-pulp thread in it (seriously never going to try that one) and somewhere I have a 50s fruitbowl wall hanging, made up by yours truly from an original kit.

ETA: I also pick up strange thread on vacation. While I was in Turkey, I bought some Brazilian rayon. [I had to look that up]

July 6th, 2016

(no subject)

frannie yellow
Ugh! The weather is horrible as is my head.

I made up a bunch of activity cards for work only to find that I had spelled "mosaic" wrong on all of them. :-(

On the up side, at least they look nice.

June 25th, 2016

(no subject)

frannie yellow
In other news: we finally got a look at Dosk's "assessment".

The fucker left out his medical condition.

Apparently, this is all dyspraxia.

Apparently, the doctor thinks he can lie to his patient.

Apparently, the doctor can break his own obligations.

Apparently, my brother should get a copy of the assessment before he leaves the building.

Apparently, I am a very angry woman

Apparently, my brother is in the room and reading this.

Accurately, I'm going to stop this entry

Accurately, he's crying

Accurately, i feel like shit writing like this

Accurately, i love my brother most in the whole world.
Sometimes fear is not negotiable.

It doesn't stop me thinking we are on the verge of WWW3.
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