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December 29th, 2015

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x-men x-mas
I got a:

Red Fair-Isle-Print Acrylic-Fleece Onesie

December 19th, 2015

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callum and hugh
In the world of dubious cross-overs, once Bones reigned supreme: not only did they have the unsubtle product-placement episode [three of the guys camping out in a tent to be at the front of the queue to see Avatar - another Fox production] they also had one of the most cynical misrepresentation episode [Stewie from Family Guy as invisible munchkin seen by brain-tumour hallucinating Booth] which tried to convince you that Family Guy was nice family viewing* and had a deeply uncomfortable David Boreanaz [proving that being producer on your own show does zip against corporate insanity] using the phrase "it's funny... to me, Bones". Let's face it, that is not Seeley Booth's choice of television. The Simpsons^ maybe, but we are talking nice mild-mannered conservative catholic boy who shoots people for his country...

Anyway that and the (even more tortured) Ordered by Fox Execs crossover between the Simpsons and Family Guy, once again trying to convince us that both are foul-mouthed violent and unfunny...

Then I watched Mythbusters: the Breaking Bad Special. Just try and think that. Funny science/explosion show with huge family audience. Drug-dealing anti-hero morally-ambiguous-but-funny show with adult subscription audience. Then try to smoosh the two together. The result sounds like cute but out-of-their-depth high-school-teacher and slightly-troubled-youngster take on hispanic-drug-dealers using high-school-science and mysterious-crystalline-substances. And destroy some evidence by putting a dead pig in a motel bath-tub with acid which then falls through the floor once they added some of mythbuster!jamie's secret sauce...


*do not ask my views on Family Guy, they are not repeatable unlike the vulgar sexist/racist/child-abuse-is-hilarious... poisonous crap shown endlessly on FX. Especially the it's-not-racist-if-a-nigga-says-it thing *urk*
^will somebody please tell me the apostrophe situation.

December 15th, 2015

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ckr: fear is negotiable
I'm still feeling a hundred shades of dead.

Amazon is playing silly buggers, it seems to only want me to buy kindle editions and not even offer the shiny new paperback option. I don't want to buy bbd a second-hand copy for £0.87 nor do I want to buy a new copy for £87.00 (I'm not kidding, the prices are ludicrous) - I just want to get a nice shiny book for Christmas.

Bbd has expressed a preference for the dead-tree option. Presumably because you can't kindle in the bath.

December 9th, 2015

Drive By Post

cross stitch: sleeping beauty
Funniest thing today: Baklava salesman telling me how his product can be part of a healthy lifestyle.

p.s. he says he saw it on BBC Breakfast so it must be true

December 6th, 2015

I know I never really post.

So. Last Sunday: first seizure in two years.

I was just about pulling it together for most of the year, actually wanting to communicate and maybe finish stitching with some real excitement... apathy/anxiety/depression girl was quietly sneaking out of the room and has now tipped over the carpet, grabbed out for the curtain and that has displaced the floor lamp which has hit the bust with the a feathery hat straight into the drinks cabinet...

So. The depression is back and looking for something to eat.


Talking about apathy and disconnection and disappearing future plans, Doctor Who. This may turn into the Why I Don't Like Clara post, or maybe, the Why I Don't Like Clara This Season post...

It's not. Much. It's the I Am Now MEH for Who.

I didn't finish this episode. Everything in the desert was just amazing, beautiful, world-building and the landscape of this Doctor's Soul [like the previous episode this seemed less like the dreaded duty execution, dentist appointment of apathy, boredom and lindocaine, and we rush dinner for this...] and made most of the previous episode really good and thinky and more-of-this-pls

Then, as soon as the Doctor went from being cool, understated vengeful desert of a guy man-with-no-name cowboy war hero drama-ing it up with his sulky sonic-sunglasses* staging the most slow and uneventful coup d'etat in all time (and being Gallifrey, all-time has pretty much happened) and back to the city...

...then I wandered off, skipped the episode, tried to mollify my digestive functions with ice-cream...

...because it hit the dead!Clara thing, the folie-a-deux obsession break-all-the-rules stupid returned and sorry but...

ignoring that that episode should have a) been a different episode b) not written by a newbie and c) took an interesting concept and then screwed it to death with... it.

Clara's epic hubris... over-confidence... oh well, he's the doctor... doctor saves us anti-plan... we don't plan because his plan will save us... who would believe that I'm a school teacher when I instantly abdicate all responsibility the moment the doctor arrives...

...didn't really endear me to her and a whole season of it... I've spent it waiting for dead!Clara to happen and basically every episode was a dead!Clara episode and it pulled some really good episodes down... I loved the Underwater One until...

...basically, every episode featured the same... Clara prattles into epic danger like some sort of sleep-walking tourist (Two Flower) and makes her whole... it's the Doctor, of course the Doctor will save us, we don't need to make a plan, the Doctor is the plan... walk into danger with perky cheerfulness and take the otherwise safe bystanders with her because nothing bad can happen because he's the Doctor [and the way she can lead stunned bystanders into situations with sing-song determination seems the only sign she actually works/functions as a school-teacher] and then...

...carry on walking into the scary epic danger rather than do what the Doctor suggests... say encourage the locals to evacuate the village, the under-water habitat; accept that History exists and sometimes it kills; or just face that time-travel has rules and physical-laws and ethical-limitations...

...and then the consequences happen, the mayhem happens when her little plan goes wrong... people die and history doesn't work the way she wanted it... or how it makes her feel okay about what happened and that she doesn't have to take any guilt...

*epic handwaving*

and then pressurise the Doctor until he "fixes" it so that the pretty-people survive or just makes her feel okay about whatever mayhem happened not

*unarticulated handwaving*

round to Clara prattling into epic danger like some kind of sleep-walking tourist and making stupidly bad/wrong/un-ethical decisions just because it makes her feel okay about whatever mayhem didn't happen as she wanted it...

actually, that doesn't make her far off one of the other annoying self-centred little souls does it? Stamp your feet and "you didn't say this was going to happen... it wasn't meant to happen like this..."

Apparently: I missed a lot of the good stuff, quoth Mum, and [blank] never really happened...

Oh and I stuck my head into the lounge to see if anybody wanted ice-cream and got to see the wonderful, beautiful, classic-style TARDIS and five seconds of awesome... and then I went and raided the freezer and carefully didn't consume 1/3 of a tub of ice-cream

...what happens next? I don't know and I'm not sure I care

* Actually, I really enjoy the Doctor characterisation this season, he finally seems to have got an identity going and his little intro to the camera pre-credits sequence and the sonic sunglasses... even the outfit and guitar falling into place... we were beginning to get a Doctor actually worth liking...

November 26th, 2015


animal: omg llamas!
'tis a post!

currently "working" on a stitchy gift for my favourite goth

uh, that's it, except ONL's attitude to DIY:

we have vinyl lettering over the door at work and some of it is peeling or missing so he sent the Lad up the ladder with a black marker pen to fill in the gaps

i am not kidding

November 19th, 2015

(no subject)

ckr: fear is negotiable
Hello. Somehow I have got out of the anxiety thing and written this entry. Now I think I am going to hide again.

August 19th, 2015

(no subject)

callum and hugh
I don't know whether to explain the last post or not.


hugh house

August 14th, 2015

We were not overwhelmed with local fossilised hippopotamus aficionados nor did anybody try to steal the local fossilised hippopotamus (found at an undisclosed local location) and make off with several hundred pounds of local fossilised hippopotamus pelvis. The local fossilised hippopotamus was much admired by people. I used the Hobson's Choice method*

I shanghaied the Electricity Meter Reader and made him look at the local fossilised hippopotamus. This is initiative in action.

I love ctrl+v, local fossilised hippopotamus is a pain to spell consistently

*Hobson ran a livery stable in London, you could chose whatever horse you wanted provided it was the one next to the door. You may view any artefact you like provided the first one is the local fossilised hippopotamus
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