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August 28th, 2014

Smile And Wave

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callum and hugh
Okay, currently not feeling very talky/eloquent today, so some comments might have to wait (sorry, meta people).

Worried that I may be backsliding/falling into old/previous role at "work". Considering that this encompasses most of the things that contributed to the great bust-up/ walk out, I feel like a slow motion traitor to myself as I go out and do ONL's "errands". It's not as if I like the way he asks even, there is always the assumption that I will just quietly do as asked (the stupid requests are back too) and the lack of p/qs. There is something about his manner and the way I'm drifting back into some sort of unassertive dream-space and I hate myself for it when I come home and land in planet ordinary. *wibble*

I have no idea if that made any sense to anyone, okay?

On the linksies front (I love the lj frontpage ticker) here:

for airfix and train devotees everywhere - hamburg miniature museum people who like complicated and fascinating things. For Simmers, it really puts our paltry world-building into perspective.

Very randomly, an american lady on the...

I am going to get back to this when I'm back on the buzzy!puter, bbd would rather like his back.

For insightful thinking on the new Who (and one of my favourite fandom people) I've got to do a responce to this:
And catch up with the people on my previous Who meta post. Comments more interesting than the post (YMMV)

August 25th, 2014

For newbies, my reviews tend to be light on description and high in circumlocution - basically, fill in the blanks if you know, rather vague if you don't

Where do I stand with the new Doctor? At first, I'd rank him with the War Doctor willing to sacrifice those who trust him if that makes the scales balance.
He blithely leaves Clara in the "care" of the Big Bad, with his fig-leaf "it's no good if we both get caught" spiel. Is it that different than killing your entire race/planet/people to stop an unjust war that has spilled out across the galaxy? If the payout is higher than the betrayal, then he takes it, he makes a cold hard assessment. The War Doctor was a Soldier; observe, asses, take action. I have the feeling that Capaldi isn't that much different. That staying alive can be justified (sometimes selfishly and insincerely) to solve the situation isn't something I haven't seen before, it is just more blatant. He is less the "Doctor Always Lies" as the Doctor Who Doesn't (or Won't let himself) Care to state his intentions blatantly and unadorned.

Capaldi (who I will learn to spell, eventually) is unafraid to get messy and is honestly ruthless, I can't see any other Doctor (recent or otherwise) peel a hench-person's face off and then wear it. Presumably doing this without taking a breath (Time Lords have this advantage - it comes with the double hearts). When he finally confronts the Big Bad he does so at almost a gentle pace, like taking tea, knowing that his allies are fighting the Killer Automata and that he needs to take out the Command Node to stop the Infestation.
It takes him a long time to build up the anger/confrontation and then he explains the broom thing with a charming little mime.

[11 would either shouted it at volume or delivered it on that dangerous icy calm that is his trademark, 10 would think the metaphor is way too long and a waste of time, and 9 would probably use his bloke thing]

He's not the only recent Doctor to be bad, mad and dangerous to know. 11 has some really unpleasant character traits. [which are another story and a reason I why I love him]. Still, Capaldi's probable/most possible "solution" to the problem may well be an indication of something less than nice... [I am a Han Shot First kind of person even if I don't like Star Wars] so, my assessment:

A lot has been said about the Capaldi Doctor being Darker and Colder. I'm less than convinced. As I said 11 is Not Very Nice underneath the cute mask of his goofy persona. [10 doesn't make the cut except with the Family of Blood and that is Very Nasty]. I think this is a Doctor less concerned about hiding and pretence.

So... I don't know why I think, why so much the fandom thinks, Capaldi is a darker, colder, hard-core Doctor, than his predecessor's joviality and friendly goofy persona. 11's cheerful persona was increasingly mask-like, barely covering the Most Dangerous and Violent Doctor [in my opinion - think about Demons Run When The Doctor Goes To War and he gets worse] but the Capaldi Doctor hasn't reached his predecessor's extremes (yet) but is unlike his 11 brethern he is a Doctor stripped bare, not even hiding his alien, inhuman and ruthlessness.

This is a Doctor who has decided to stop running from himself and facing the past and present head-on. To a point, I wonder how much Clara's Quantum Leap - righting old wrongs...etc - has imprinted on his new persona; he is a Doctor who is going to Do Things Right; especially when it comes to his own Wrongs.

[so, he is still an Angry God, just one trying to let go of anger, seeing this as one of his key faults and hating it. While 11 (and late 10) revel in it, and 11 seems to love himself for it - how many people put "socio-path" in their lonely hearts advert?] < random bit of earlier draft

So... watch this space

so I sort of rewrote one bit without cutting the draft - but it is still relevant and interesting and demonstrates some of my inarticulate thoughts and explication

August 24th, 2014

(no subject)

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quentin quire: bad news
The computer is still still finding ways to fuck up.

It still won't load the Sims, even after a re-install and etcetera.

I wrote some Quentin Quire fanfiction and the problem is that it reads like two different fics at once. It goes from insane and pompous levity to some dark-ish secret origin stuff (based on his claim that he celebrated his 13th birthday by re-writing the lyrics to Oklahoma and then replacing the real lyrics with his "improvements" in the heads of the cast of the school production... mature, real mature Quentin)

What the Hell! Have Some Quentin!

My name is Quentin Quire and I am not a jerk, I am a counter-counter-revolutionary, future ruler of the world and eater of planets and, one day, I shall be worshiped as the great god that I am. I will have a halo and everything. People will dye their hair to imitate my noble hair... I might need to work on that one. I am my own propagandist, because I am a genius and polymath and nobody else would do it right. I write great and nobel speeches in my head when I get bored... about every five seconds around here... for when I win my Nobel Prize, the World Chess Championship and Best Dressed Man in America. I am a very stylish dresser, everyone says I have a style of my own and I make it work. Just because I like fashion and make my own clothes does not make me gay.. so shut up fuckface.

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frannie yellow
The computer is still finding novel methods of fucking itself up.

[which is why I replaced the old one with it]

Last night's Who: uh?

Fanboy fact (courtesy dosk): the opening credits where originally a fan film/project which Steve Moffat saw and then offered the maker the job. It looks eerily familiar until it isn't and seriously, just plain disturbing all-over.

Uhm, that's it on my nuanced commentary (there may or may not be a less nuanced post somewhere in the ether)

August 20th, 2014

(no subject)

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welsh: headdesk
Guess what? New computer finding more interesting ways to screw up.

August 19th, 2014

(no subject)

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Droopy: radio
Guess what? The fan on the new computer's psu has gone wonky. Why do these things always happen to me?

Made biscuits (cookies) yesterday, they looked like mutant rock cakes. Spooky's mum has (kindly) classified them as dwarf bread. A little dwarf bread goes a long way.

Now, let us work out what the hell is going on between Opera, 7 Zip and Windows 7.

August 15th, 2014

(no subject)

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exc: oh rats!

My font back up file I so carefully collected and placed in the transfer-to-new-machine folder has gone missing. Since we have shredded the old hd... I have/had a huge font collection so fuck fuck fuck

(I am not allowed to use this kind of language zu Hause so I'm going to do all my loud screaming in here)

August 12th, 2014

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hugh cemetary two
New computer is alive! Courtesy by the Incredible Skills of Dosk!

Group Tab A

Read more...Collapse )

Group Tab B

[uh, reasons why Luke Cage/Iron Fist work (not slash)

Group Tab C

Group Tab D

Tabs in Firefox

August 11th, 2014

Dosk insists that every single thing I say is a spoiler -- even the stupid bits.

So, uhm, Spooky and I went to the Silver Screen in Folkestone (old-school independent cinemas rock*) to watch Guardians of the Galaxy. Watch this movie. When I headed into the ladies' after the show, I had an undeniable urge to groove. Grooving in a toilet cubical is harder than you think as you manage your underwear. If you couldn't tell, I was manic at the time (brain meds, caffeine overdose, and my own unique personality). I also grooved in the Oxfam Bookshop afterwards - 80s dance moves to a mental soundtrack of Moonage Dreaming. Honestly, the soundtrack to this movie is just so... amazing... an integral part of the whole movie. If you wondered how an intergalactic theif-adventurer would dance their way through the Temple of Doom (not the actual Temple of Doom) well, you wouldn't see Dr Jones doing it.

I'm seriously considering Buying. A. Movie. Soundtrack.

I think I may be required to make a spoiler cut somewhere, it might as well be hereCollapse )
I don't think spoiler cuts help when you can't tell what other people consider spoiler-ish.

Hey, lets deal with this the other way:

People who have seen the movie will never forget the time when [character] distracts [another character] from [doing something] using expressive [verb/noun] so that [the team-mate] can [verb] the [another character].
Well, okay, I won't forget it. *shrugs* The bit when [character] tells [another character] to obtain the [object] to make the [necessary widget] when actually it was just a [noun]. And the [character] who can - on a genetic level - process a [rhetorical device]. The way [blank] words can express [anything].

Uh, so that is my spoiler-free review.

There was also a big-screen showing of the new Doctor Who trailer, which meant that I could see new and interesting details to share with the dosk. okay this is me spoiler cutting for a two second flash of somethingCollapse )

*yes, this is an endorsement of any cinema that is not a multiplex and actually contributes to your town's economy not sending the money all back to the mothership. Just go and give yours some love.

Bonus points for red velvet curtain walls, dress circles, tear off ticket machines, reasonably priced drinks and usherettes. Okay. They don't have the last one, but it would be cool if they did. And intermissions. And creaky local ad reels. For most of my childhood, the local cinema (Silver Screen in Dover) in town ran the same set of adverts every showing for years. It probably had been something to do with how both cinemas wound up as the only/last 35mm film cinemas in the country. Personally, I just loved the way everything in my world changes except Billy Hollis offering to show you his range of Volkswagen motor cars)
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