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December 9th, 2016

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ckr: fear is negotiable
This week:

*ONL says he has spilt coffee granules on the draining board.
*Pointed out that the coffee granules are all over Elvis's drawing board
*And the artwork...

"they won't eat my buns, will they?" (guess who?)

We have a mouse, by now we probably have meece. Elvis unamused. Buzzy unamused. ONL trying to ignore existance of spilt coffee.

ONL doesn't even use the coffee.

Christmas shopping is mostly going OK. Now need something for ONL and also something for the BBD.

December 3rd, 2016

Is Stan (The Man) Lee really Stan Lee or is he the real Stanley Leiber under the control of the Excelsior Monster?

November 30th, 2016

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ckr: fear is negotiable
I've been sorting out books to give to the classics/anc. hist. dept at my local university (not the one I went to - they'd only opened a classics dept the year before) and the professor there doesn't know what is going to hit him. Mostly back issues of JHS (journal of hellenic studies*) which I aquired mostly through second-hand boookshops and "free to a good home" boxes. I wanted (and some parts of me yearns for the life I'm missing/wanted

I think I'm going to leave it here for now.

the gaps are everywdere

*anc greek everything until the death of alexander and a bit longer

November 29th, 2016

Today, it was 32 children on the museum education front.

ONL: That could be an Archaeological Emergency and I would have to go immediately.
ONL: Would you like me to take you along?
Kids: Yay! Yeah!
ONL: I think I'll take your teacher, he looks strong and good at digging.

ONL is impressed with the washed/improved dressing up stuff.

Except maybe the dress (which I didn't make out of a sheet sewn up as a tube with slots cut at one end to insert arm, head, arm i.e. '|'

ONL: Aren't your arms this way -|-
[add your own miming]
ONL: Not that way '|'
ONL: So shouldn't the dress not be going this way -|- not that way '|'
ONL: There should be sleeves going this way -|-
[ONL started bending the fabric to produce set-in-sleeves as envisioned by somebody who tucks his trousers into his socks]
It was funnier if you were there (as usual).

I actually got _interesting_ questions about:
a) toothpaste: (burnt and ground down bone/chalk/oyster-shells with charcoal and possibly myrrh) used as a tooth-powder possibly used with honey to make it actually taste nice
b) surgery: why you don't die when your leg is amputated by using pitch? how do you get around?*

I also tried to explain the wandering womb theory without mentioning the word womb. Female diseases are often caused by a womb that is insufficiently moist/warm/etc and it needs to be encouraged (by plasters/fumigation/topical ointment/masturbation as applied by the doctor in the correct fashion). At which point it will move back to where it should be and then be ready for baby-making etc. So I went for parts of your insides going walkies and the doctor having to return them to the correct position.

*I'd just developed sepsis after being gored by a wild boar and the doctor has effected a 100% cure: hacking it off. This was a result of the wild boar not brushing his teeth with crunched up shells and possibly using a whitening treatment using urine

November 25th, 2016

Just so tired

welsh: headdesk
I've been trying to get a reduction on a cross stitch kit from the us (a multitude of stores)with postage taking it to less than the uk price (one store). Fail. I thought I made it but then realised the hard way that "most items at 20%" doesn't include my item and then it will come closer to extortionant uk price that makes it pointless (even without the random british customs fee - they tell nobody and if they get you the post office charges you more for "processing"). Fail.

I'd spent the last week putting together a list of us retailers to stake out. It's pointless and it sucks.

And that's before a 10% new customer discount at sewandso neatly comes out as the postage price.


November 24th, 2016

Dosk got his benefits (lack of) hearing. Strangely, they awarded him a disability score of 15, when the "medical professional" previous assessor said 0 in his written report (i.e. full mobility) even after David collapsed in the middle of his office and bbd had to pull him back up. So, yea! Dosk finally gets the money he's (always been) entitled to. Not so yay, how much this whole fucking process (over more than a year) and fighting it out with TPTB took out of my brother. He's spent the last three weeks going frantic and diving into the gobbledegook and "fabricated" reports/evidence.*

Dosk also reports that cobbles and wheelchairs really don't mix (especially over long distances) and why did they install the court in the middle of a pedestrianised shopping complex (with cobbles) with no parking access in the first place?

In other news, trying to organise my cross-stitch thread collection and obsessing about cross-stitch kits I like, black friday in the US, postage and the joy that is HM Customs website which will tell you nothing about tax/duty rates on imported pretty much everything. I do not want a repeat of the Teefury thing - £5 duty and a £7 handling fee from the Royal Mail** (because keeping it in their sorting office is so administratively costly and demanding on their resources).

*even writing about this shit makes me angry which is more than the motherfucker doctor deserves.
** moral: if you want to buy multiple shirts from teefury, buy them seperately and screw combined postage.

November 18th, 2016

finally something cheerful

hugh cemetary two
While I was at the benefit assessment (how medically f****d up are you and are you psychologically f****d up) and the doctor was wrestling with the piece of wondrous modern technology that is the audio recorder, mummyfrog went shopping in Cathedral City and went and hit the charity shops*. She went and bought a big jar of beaded stuff and bought it home where we found some of the largest hoop earrings known to womankind. Somehow they managed to combine a 2" hoop and five little crosses on 1.5" chains. Clearly made for somebody with a long neck.

Also, we found a nice ring which after checking out with a magnifying glass turns out to be a) silver and b) my size. It's floral with two marcasite flower heads and a central pink gem. Unlike many of my rings this one fits properly and doesn't swing/slide around and comes off again. :-)

The assessment centre makes an effort to have disabled/wheel-chair friendly loos. So, there are grab bars and a low sink. This is fine except that the paper-towel dispenser is at my eye-level. Wtf?

*Besides anything else, you get a better class of charity shop in Cathedral City unlike here where three charity shops have disappeared in one year.

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welsh: headdesk
Horrible day of horrible benefit medical assessment.

Uh, that's about it except for the Doctor's audiorecorder!fail, which was hysterical on both sides. The Doctor is very nice but my medical assessment sucks. My right hand went into tremor overload. Etc. Etc.

The Doctor also thinks I have very nice writing. "It's tiny but it's so clear!"

I now feel pants so ttfn.

November 14th, 2016

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frannie yellow
Teefury had a 25% off for international sales. I entered the code. No worky. Got out 15% code. Yay! Get Teefury email - 25% off for international sales. Pants. Maybe should have checked US times but still... pants

ETA: http://www.teefury.com/energy-saving-mode <--- this one in navy
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