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April 22nd, 2014

I need to find my "hills are alive and they're eating children" icon as this sums up Spooky pretty darn well.

I'm going to Some Other Town with Spooky tomorrow and it is going to be awesome!

I just need to stop worrying about it

Met up with Spooky after work and we looked for neon foodstuffs (Spooky) and reduced-price seasonal bread products (Buzzy). I think I got the better deal: Marks & Spencer Apple Hot Cross Buns are strangely yummy. We looked for indescribable goth ear-rings: Claire's does skeletons in little lace tu-tus. With little pink bows.

Spooky likes the new ergonomic keyboard I gave her, but her cat likes it even more. It is the posture-cushion-chair for cats. Cat is now refusing to come off keyboard and has taken to hissing (this is a non-hiss hiss-free hiss-light cat) at attempts to remove it. I think Spooky's dad might be a bit relieved, cat's previous favourite place was sitting on his shoulder like a ship's cat who has just eaten the parrot (ar!)

April 19th, 2014

This is entrancing:

A How To for Doing Faces in Opus Anglicanum

OA is a medieval embroidery technique which flourished in the British Isles (before the advent of the Black Death"). Its main use was for highly expensive religious items^ and clothing for popes and other important people who wanted to look radiant. And, since it was a gold-work technique*, they were radiant.

I am always entranced by anything with the words "gold-work".

OA was done with silk threads and gold or silver thread for high-lighting and high-end extras like pearls and gems. It was incredibly naturalistic. Yes, I said naturalistic -- the shading on faces and hands was mind blowing and they had that wonderful early-medieval# cartoon look to them. Saints who look like they are worrying about the piles (rather than god), strange animals, bizarre in-jokes... it looks like some of the guys from medieval illuminated manuscripts ran off velum and took up home in textiles.

So, the shading on the skin, the expressions and the liveliness all rock and make OA seriously awesome and very entertaining.

The lady with this blog is a grade-a expert and this is a tutorial on how to do the skin sections and we admire and fangirl her work.

She is also home at the med_embroidery and just join her comm, okay?

"if your skilled workers are mostly dead, then it is hard to keep running the business. It didn't help that those blighters from across the Channel called or nue (grave accent), which was cheaper, easier to make so less specialist workers were needed, and seriously (untastefully) bling. Actually, I quite like it, done well it is mind-blowing.
^ altar cloths, chastibules (I don't know what they are but you've got to have them), decorative bible covers, things to hang off pulpits -- if you can stick fabric on it, you'd be dying to have some.
# This proves that I work in "the heritage/archaeological sector" - I can actually spell it. I T (mature, buzzy, really mature)
*I really don't want to explain gold-work right now: embroidery using fine metal thread (gold or silver, possibly gilt) for a really nice effect and as flashy or understated as you want. There are several methods of doing this and the one we are talking about here used a (sophisticated and difficult) technique where thread laid on top of the fabric was pulled through the back with a tiny little stitch that remained invisible on the surface. If you have ever had the stitching tension on your machine gone wonky - with the top thread lying flat on top... shit, I can't think in sewing machine. This is it. Just extremely expensive.

April 18th, 2014

me me me

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callum and hugh
I'm alive!

Due to Significant Things, my hours at "work" have been cut and I won't be working with kids for the duration.

Uhm. That's a bit of a downer. Except not. Maybe I am doing that inner-serenity thing or just a little over-tired lately.

I have been given a pill box, it is pretty but I rather liked being more independent. Alas, I am also too tired to think about meds either.

The stitchy projects continue consumed by inertia -- all stuck at awkward points of finishing/next steps. I really don't like the beading options on one (they are rather over-powering at best and (imho) too big for the design to start with) and trying to finish up a sampler (what can I do with that gap? and sparklies?) and the beading project (getting very over-anxious about bead selection and quality).

The anxiety thing is high (still) and this helps absolutely nothing, as does wanting to sleep all the time and the being the Amazing Apathy Girl.

I dropped the pills again, just seeing what happens.

April 15th, 2014

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nightcrawler: sleeping
I am very sleepy... z... z... z...

buzzy dreams of eclectic sheep

I had to say that , sorry

April 13th, 2014

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hcl: billy reads
I had upped the meds (again) but that really pushed me way out. Jumpy, borderline suicidal (if I die then everyone will have to like me)(but I suck at everything and I don't fancy the options) and generally fucked up and a bit out of it. So now I'm downing the meds again, which should reset my dial to a "functional" setting. Apparently, I sound better and have less "absences" (then pre-new-meds) even if I feel a bit ropey and dopey on them. Currently (as I type) I feel a bit wha?! and wonky. It feels like my cochlea is hosting some kind of disco (though it has not sent out invites on facebook) but the wedding kind of disco when only the kids are on the floor and the dj is trying to find something moochy, mushy and meaningful for the First Dance.

Hey, extended metaphors, I must be feeling better.

April 11th, 2014

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callum keith rennie vamped maybe
The sun has gone for now and I feel cold.

Physical and emotional.

April 10th, 2014

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hugh huh (twitch)
Hey... I've upped my brain meds today... the screen is being strange... otherwise okay, see you all soon, love buzzy

April 9th, 2014

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callum and hugh
Uhm, I had "work" today. [I'm a volunteer in the "Heritage Industry"] and it was mostly boring. Even if there were a couple of chatty "customers" who wanted to know more about our attraction [including the big holes] and one who wanted to discuss heritage spending in the area [there is none].

The high light: two boys in the dress-up kit waving swords "I stabbed Dale in the nuts!"

April 8th, 2014

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twitch: newbie light
I've gone to "work". I've come back from "work". Now I am very very tired.

Score of the day: Talking to German Customers in German* and getting complimented on it. They tend to really "wow" when I point out that I studied it in secondary school and that was 12 years ago.

I feel pretty pleased with myself about this.

I now just need to have ONL in hearing range (and prove there are things I am super good at) and stop him and his SPEAK VERY CLEARLY AND SLOWLY SO THEY UNDERSTAND approach to modern foreign languages. [I am not kidding] And I would like extra people to talk to more than I appreciate more ONL!reports to type.

Last night: Spooky and I came up with the idea of a pool league for people who can't play pool. Spooky's father looked on with a distressed look. I am a pool disaster - enough said.

Also: We looked for some apps for my lovely new tablet (from Aldi) and I spent a lot of time looking at the permissions these things demand and looking horrified. Seriously, EA, if you think I am giving you my email contacts book (i.e. giving you my password and access to my account) then you deserve everything you have coming to you.

Also: Spooky is still demonstrating that CAKE is better than DEATH, especially when it has a chocolate ganache and sprinkles

* I don't mean "here is your ticket"

April 6th, 2014


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planetary: elijah
Uhm, the brain hateth me. *ouch*

Work on Friday was okay, if boring. We had many many more customers than usual, which made things a bit more exciting than my copy of Take A Break (a magazine with Real Life stories such as "This Pork Pie Ruined My Marriage" and "Strangled at Seven Months" [Pregnant] and "Why We Are Losing Our Angels") and resulted in maths (and money!). And, uhm, that's it.

It has come to this: I am having a day-by-day pill organiser box. I'm not sure how much I can show the amount of Don't Want. Don't Want I'd like to believe that I am competent enough to deal with my own meds (especially since there is not a lot I am allowed to "deal with" myself as every one around me is "we don't want to worry" and "well, it's happened before" and... I hate it so much. I'd like to go out by myself (but I'm not safe in traffic)... (what if you have an attack?)... or play computer games after dark (your seizures happened at the computer)...etc

*fails* *suck* *meep*

In other news: hair cut! pills up! "you _are_ taking the right ones, aren't you? buzzy?"

If you were wondering:

a) story one was about a riot at a wedding staring with an angry woman who punched the mother of the groom after somebody (under the age of ten) hit her with a ballistic buffet item.
b) somehow this woman stayed with her violent English Defence League boyfriend with a Heil Hitler tattoo because he "wasn't really a bad person". He just beat up his girlfriends when they were expecting, forced them to have abortions or just kicked/punched them until they miscarried. Fortunately, this woman escaped and had her baby.
c) three children with horrible genetic disease and their parents.
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