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dS fic: Episodic Romance

dS fic: Episodic Romance

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hugh house

Episodic Romance

R 70,000 words
Find it at the Red Ships Green Ships ‘Zine ETA: Link down, back soon

Now Available at my website: Episodic Romance.


Ray almost wakes.

Ray doesn’t want to wake; he wants to drown in sleep. Sleep is cool and placid and leaches away every single thought, just as sure as the water sucked the warmth from his muscles in the Henry Allen. Ray doesn’t want strong arms grasping him, or hot breath forced between his lips and into his lungs; Ray kicks and tries to wrench free. He wants to go back, dive back under, burrow under his comforter to find the serenity of the drowning. That still moment when nothing matters any more, because everything is certain and everything is a long and dreamless sleep. But the more Ray struggles, the more Ray tries to wrench free and have the current take him; the more aware Ray becomes. The more awake Ray becomes.

The more Ray remembers.


I’d like to thank yeungmaisu for actually asking me to write something for the ‘zine, for lighting the blue touch paper and standing back, and for fanning the flames. torakowalski is still the most amazing beta known to man. shadowkitty needs love for looking over some of the text and, most importantly, letting me dance around her room possessed by Ray Kowalski when I first conceived the plot. papajoemambo needs thanking in more ways than I can count, I'd tell you, but then I might just be spoiling things. isiscolo was my pacemaker and our swapping of progress and writer’s block stories kept me going when times were tough. grey853 and bluebrocade saw an early draft of the opening and helped me with my Anglicisms. My entire livejournal friendslist deserve love for the support they’ve given me, and the hundred synonyms for vomiting.

I would also like to thank j_s_cavalcante who liked this enough to help me spork my britishisms and help me out writing a new and better ending and generally being a supportive (and really nice) person.

Thank you. Any flaws left are mine. Without you, this thing would have fallen apart long ago.

Feedback always appreciated.
  • 70 how many words? meep! it may take me a wee while to read!


    *considers abusing printer privileges at work*
    • oh. b? your link is broken!
    • Well, really it's something like 69,548 words. But that doesn't really roll off the tongue.

      I so wish joandarck hadn't used the "completely just as cracked as COTW and probably how PG would write slash" disclaimer.

      You're management, you're allowed to abuse printer privileges.

      I'm just considering printing it and dragging it into the secreterial office on castle street (where we have the big archaeological drawings copied) and getting them to comb bind it.

      You won't believe how much of a relief it is to finally post this damn thing, it totally deserves hugh fucking dillion arms.
      • oh, you should absolutely abuse binding privileges (if you can't i can, and post it to you).

        i think you now deserve a very large pimms or two. put your little insect feet up!
      • It would be so great printed! If you're going to do it, would you want my typos list first? Sorry...but I just notice them, you know? I am marking them in my electronic copy in case you should want them in future.

        For example: The spelling of the Italian word for "(do) you understand" (familiar form) is "capisce" (pron. /ka-PEESH/). Italian has a very regular, phonetic spelling. "Capiche" would be pronounced /ka-PEE-kay/and isn't one of the conjugations of "to understand."

        (I don't know if you used it anywhere, but the answer to that question is "capisco" or "non capisco"--I understand, or I don't understand. I see this done wrong all the time in fanfic.)

        There's a "petrol" that should be "gasoline"--Ray wouldn't know "petrol" from his elbow.

        That sort of thing. You want?

        And the completion of the novel does deserve big HD arms...but I don't know how to make those, nor do I have an icon of same, so I give you PG arms. \o/
        • I would love your typo list. Love, love, love.

          Okay, I should have checked with somebody who speaks Italian, rather than my wonky memory of Things Vecchio Has Said in Fanfic. Thanks. I'm going off to change that on the master while I still remember. The same goes for petrol.

          \h/ are hugh dillon arms, otherwise known as somebody substituted spray glue for your deordant arms. *is twelve*
      • ?? I never claimed any of my stories had anything to do with how Paul Gross would write them! Arguing that a post-COTW story can be as cracked out as COTW, though, I did do that. But so could everyone.
  • Squeeeeee!!! *cough* That is all.
  • OMG yay!
  • OMG it's out! Yay!

    I am reading, and even as a reader it's tiring being inside Ray Kowalski's head in that fugue state! I totally understand now why you complained about writing it, which must have been much harder! But it's so worth it! Because this is another fresh and new and original angle on him (and Fraser) that still rings beautifully true to the characters. I love that about them. I think we all could write them for many more years and never plumb the depths, you know?

    So I'm reading happily! I just want to say, the Six Degrees cameos? Are brilliant and made of awesome. When Fraser asked the "movie director"--you know which one--the question he asked him--you know which one--I was yelling aloud how I seriously love you...

    ...and that was even before the dyslexic Canadian sign painter showed up.

    SO MUCH LOVE!!! :)

    Also? Oh, Ray...

    *reads on*
  • P.S.:

    Ray mumbles, "Canadian movie about chickens."

    I. Love. You.
    • How. Could. I. Not?
      • HEE! Well, you had to, once you thought of it, of course! But it's the thinking of it that was brilliant, plus expressing it in quite that way. I can't wait to find out if Ray ever hears what the film is really about. :)

        P.S. I am reading right now! And I am feeling a little unsure of reality (like Ray), or sliding into an alternate universe here, because according to my research Old Chicago was torn down in 1986, yet you have it still standing over a decade later. But...cool, you know? I wouldn't have thought of doing that. I haven't yet found any photos of it when it was in its decrepit, boarded-up state. Did you find some?

        I'm still marking so many sentences to mention them later because they are so fantastic. Oh, Ray. Oh, Ray. Oh, Fraser. LOL
        • I tend to place "fiction" into a slightly parallel reality, plus Fraser can bend the laws of physics, so it wouldn't be too hard to have a reality where Old Chicago isn't now under a car sales lot. Okay, you want the inside scoop on why OC? Somewhere in there, there is a Blues Brothers reference (Chicago, fictional...); so I headed over to wikipedia to look it up and check and found that they did the car chase through another decrepit mall, I clicked on "dead malls" (because that sort of thing fascinates me), and there you go, I had my location. And then, I also had an Old Chicago fansite for reference. I had to conjecture the exact inside layout, but it gave me a feel for the place.

          (And yep, they have boarded up pictures; they're kind of sad)

          Oh, Ray. Oh, Ray. Oh, Fraser.

          *grin* Now that's the sort of responce I want.

          • Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about OC; I think it was a terrific idea and such a cool setting. The unreal Chicago of someone's highfalutin', delusional dreams, just like the mythical mob dudes, you know? It's so thematically perfect for this story, and I don't have to cite you chapter and verse because you know what I'm talking about, and I don't want to post a big honking spoiler. :)

            Also, you're already sort of in parallel reality anyway (outside of the way that DS always was) with the whole Uncle thing and the mythical Capone vaults under Chicago, etc.

            Overall, the level of detail is just incredible. And so many of those details are accurate to the real world, too, but they're tucked in there along with the unreal ones, and we can't tell them apart without some research. Which is exactly how DS played it, especially in S1/S2, you know? AND which dovetails so perfectly with Ray's state of mind! *is still in awe*

            Also, as to the Blues Brothers, I think I caught that, but if I didn't I will. Everybody in the US knows the Blues Brothers unless they've been under a rock for the last 25 years. :)

            Anyway, I am always so fascinated with detail about Chicago, especially these days, since I was in Chicago for the first time (outside O'Hare, that is--I've been in O'Hare lots, like any American air-traveler) just two weeks ago! And YAY, Chicago is made of awesome and I'm not kidding. More in a bit.

            Oh, Ray. Oh, Ray. Oh, Fraser.
            *grin* Now that's the sort of responce I want

            Trust me, you are getting that response in spades. :)
            • I didn't think you were criticising me about the OC; I just wanted to show you where it all came from.

              I love all your points about the mythic Chicago of dS. I was consciously going for a series-like feel.

              I am so jealous, I've never been outside Europe.
              • I've never been to Europe, or anywhere outside of the Americas, so I am envious, too. If you ever come over here, though, you must include New York!!!

                I wish we were on the same side of the Pond, because I would love to have an in-person brainstorming session with you (on the subject of DS fic of course). I think it would kick serious malfeasant ass. :) Hee!
  • I'm more than halfway through now. Just want to say the story is brilliant. Terrifyingly so, at points. :) Your Ray is brilliant. I'm loath to put spoilers here, but the part with the splitting--you know what I mean? Where there's "Vecchio" and there's RayK? I'm in complete awe. It scares me how clearly I can see this. Also his peeks behind the veil? I love this interpretation of Ray, which few authors have used, but I've always found it so true...I know he could/would. I adore how his thought processes gradually clarify, especially directly as a result of his insight. It rings absolutely true.

    Also, god, just about every other line is a gem...no, maybe all the lines. I marked so many to comment on that it will take me nearly forever, I think. I'm just floored that you could keep this up for 70,000 words.

    Just. Wow. Sterling work.
    • I am so glad that that scene worked, you know, the one with the "splittage", I was so worried that nobody would get what was going on, and as it turned out to be one of my BIG THEMES, that was faintly worrying.

      It was exhausting. It grew exponentially, while I started it about the same time last year, it started coming in faster and faster once I got past that point.
      • Oh, no, everyone will totally get it. We is smart here in fandom. :)

        And it is a phenomenally wonderful theme for DS, all around, for every character, etc., especially Ray, and Fraser, too, for that matter.
        • I regularly give thanks that this is a "smart" fandom.

          I was thinking of Ray's speech to Thatcher in COTW.
  • Buzzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Congratulations! OMG. Wow. You finally finished it. !!!!!!!!!
  • Re: Find it at the Red Ships Green Ships ‘Zine

    Sweetheart, I wanted to tell you how amazing and special you are and to thank you again for all your hard work.

    You are incredible - never forget that. Ever.
    • Re: Find it at the Red Ships Green Ships ‘Zine

      Thanks. *gets all bashful*
      • Re: Find it at the Red Ships Green Ships ‘Zine

        Oh, before I forget, please send me any corrections you want made and I'll add them right away.

        Then I'll mail back to you a copy of the text I have, so you can use that for the master. :)

        • Re: Find it at the Red Ships Green Ships ‘Zine

          Just here to say that there are no real corrections yet. In case you're sitting around waiting for some.
  • Wow. What a ride. I finished reading today (I printed it out and was reading on a bus on my way to work and back for about a week) and let me tell you one thing: you are some kind of mad genius, surely. The story is absolutely brilliant. J S Cavalcante said it all before me and much more eloquently than I ever could, so I'll just say that you rock like a rocking thing and I enjoyed the story a lot. Like, A LOT. Thank you! \o/
    • *squees*

      *runs around and squees some more*

      It is awesome to hear from anyone who has read what I spent most of my time calling the bfp (uh, big fannish project, despite having the title right at the start, bfp is still how I think of it) and that it is you just makes things even more awesome. I think you are much more eloquent then I.

      There is a version with a slightly better (uh, much better) ending and more briticism weeding (j_s_cavalcante helped on that one) which is waiting in the wings for an update on RSGS. Matters are out of human hands on that front.

      (There's about a couple of thousand new words, would you like an email?)
      • Eeee! More? Of course, please, send it! [viciouscats@gmail.com] *anticipates* :)
        • I might have overstated the size; it felt big at the time. Endings are not one of my strong points. Regardless, it is whizzing through the ether to you.
  • I wanted to read 'Episodic Romance' but the link seems to be broken?
    • Hello!

      yeungmaisu runs Red Ships Green Ships and she took it down to replace it with a slightly better version (better ending and less anglicisms, for which "lj user="jscavalcante"> deserves all the credit) but she has a lot on her plate and it hasn't resurfaced yet.

      Uh, could you email me (at my entirely predictable lj address) and then I'll point you in the direction of my "emergency" copy.
      • Thanks! I don't mind waiting until it resurfaces; it's good to know it's on its way in time. Maybe when it's back up there'll be a post about it on the noticeboard? :)
    • That's greatness too! Almost certainly on noticeboard, but I will try and remember to reply here too! The prospect of anybody reading this makes me grin like a pumpkin.
    • Okay, it's resurfaced:

      Episodic Romance

      Now over on my site.
  • Uh oh! I should have checked all the URLs before posting ...

    I recced you in my latest ds_recsredux post, and the links isn't repaired yet. :-(

    I hope it goes back up soon!
    • Oh pants. Double pants.

      I hope it goes back up soon. We are coming close-ish to a year since publication, so I think we might get the time-out thing going...

      I am very very flattered, though.

      I didn't know how many people liked it.
    • Ta-Da!

      *blind from html*

      Okay, it was close to timing out anywhichway, so now there's a copy up on my website: Episodic Romance
      Now split into chunks for easier browsing.

      To be honest, I had been planning to do this for a while, but kept procrastinating. You gave me the impetus to sit down and shift code (and catch up on my web housekeeping).
      • Re: Ta-Da!

        Wow, that's service!!! I didn't mean to make you stay up all night coding! *passes eye rinse*

        Thank you so much.
  • I've been reading your story and it is absolutely amazing, but as I have no computer of my own and it's getting late, I went to print it out...and the last Episode doesn't seem to be fully there; what appears is a fraction of the size and cuts off rather strangely.

    It could be the computer I'm on, but if I'm having problems, other people might be too, so I figured you'd want to know.
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