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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

not sure this makes any sense

not sure this makes any sense

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Today is pretty good - lunch out with the brother and buying a Dark Knight Returns.

[Not because I tried to explain to one of my co-workers my theory of Frank Miller... DC want you to buy a hard-back collected edition. no way. I am not paying for dksa twice, I'm still traumatised by buying it once - £7 an issue and you'll be traumatised too]

[dksa - the dark knight strikes again - epic Miller!fail in three issues (£7ea), as a student, that is a lot of money for prolonged fail - issue one was interesting in the set-up and seemed to have a least the ghost of dkr after that... there was 'hos and bitches and superman bangin' Wonder Woman]

[because he's the goddam!Batman]
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