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April 10th, 2017

Why is it now that i am getting plot-fixes for Poet?*

* Stella: Ray's always been for Stella, ever, full stop, period and the other entire bucket of punctuation.
* Yes: that means he was always "saving it" for Stella
* There is nobody who compares with Stella
* Ray thinks he can win Stella back so, yes, no horizontal mambo (hey, Ray likes dancing okay.)
* Stella went to college etc... before she and Ray got together
* That doesn't mean that she's a cheater
* Or a man eater
* Just that, you know, divorce and all
* i.e. why she has a thing that might progress into something else with another love-struck musician called Ray

So okay then:
* Ray gets stressed - he dances (totally canon)
* Seriously, he can't dance anywhere he's ever gone with stella
* And ball-room kind of requires more than one person
* And he can't (Ray think) go to any of the bars/places he gigs
* Hey, there's a bar with ALL NITE DISCO EXPERIENCE with SPOT PRIZES**
* You can do disco solo (plus alcohol - and he needs it)
* So, yeah, Ray can get behind all that
* So, there's a few more guys in the queue (they still do that ladies free before 10 thing still, er, don't they?) and the girls in it are kind of fluffy, pink and loud and with fairy wings (what the heck?)
* [Can we just say that Ray hasn't done disco or clubbing for years?]
* [Plus, it's Retro Disco - and he's lifted - with permission - one of the girls' pink marabou cowboy hats and pulled open that shirt and showing some serious chest]
* [gets inside]
* shit, it's that kind of bar, but he's already paid and there are too many people coming in behind him for him to turn around and get the fuck out (yeah, fuck, Ray really has a way with words - maybe that's why the label have got him a fucking song-writer)

Stuck in the middle of the dance floor (here I am, stuck in the middle with you... fate likes irony) and then gets rescued by this guy...
...and things get a bit weird, like kissing and manly groping weird... and superfreaky...

So, of course, Ray freaks (and ends up at home doing some thinking and thinking that the guy seems a bit... you know... attractive.

So, of course, Turnbull (otherwise known by his nom-de-clubbing, Bubba - weird choice, you think?) gets back to his hotel (eventually) and can't get his new friend (for a very fast friendship with a date that lasts about 0.5 of a second) out of his head (so he tries out of his cock which is satisfying but not such a success with the head) and...

Well, yeah, Ray Kowalski (the acoustic punk - in his head, at least...) and his new song-writer (lumbered on him by Ray's New Manager) Renfield Turnbull (a partner in White Wolf Records) suddenly have a lot to talk about

...which is kind of familiar with one of the guys...

but makes for fucking amazing song-writing

* And Turnbull desperately surviving his all-day hot-guy-i-can't-get experience - has promised himself a very desperate plan... go to the bar and see if the guy's there again (or for some reason a strange but sexy full-sensitive hallucination) and a little bit more...

* And Ray... goes back, because...


Footnote, [On the Inside I'm A] Poet is the unfinished fannish mmo novel thing. A music-business Due-South AU staring a confused!RayK, a pining!Turnbull and in-love-but-she-somehow-doesn't-get-it Ray V and Stella. Ray V is a concert-playing pianist (I just wanted to write that) who realised that the New Management with whom Stella has handed over career control for clinging Ray K is actually a Mob Front run by the mentally unstable Frank Zuko who likes people to do what he wants them to and terminates his enemies and somehow Ray V and Stella need to warn Ray K and Turnbull, who Frankie has chosen to write some songs that are little more commercial and that does not include Bisexual Awakening themes...

Oh dear

**I'm thinking of the jockey shorts dance contest Mouse (desperate for the money) enters in "Tales Of The City" [the book version] - sadly, it loses him his not-quite-yet boyfriend for a goodly chunk of the book. If you don't know the book, read the book. Being awful, I haven't read books three and four, but "Micheal Tolliver Lives" is a warm hug of a book. And not something that would go down well with lj's lords and masters unlike the black hairstylist who goes down very nicely...

March 25th, 2017

Last night, I was stitching and the ceiling light in the kitchen exploded*. Since I was watching Die Hard II (who cannot love Bruce Willis?)** a sudden bang (in a gunfight), put it this way, you still need to peal me off the ceiling. Loud noises and sudden movements are not my friends - I am a very jumpy tense person.

In other news: introduced my mother to bathos (an emotionally unsatisfying ending to a narrative), the adjective - bathetic - is great for exams and impressing markers.

* I am not kidding. There are little bits of track-light halogen bulb _everywhere_ including in the hall and nearly every kitchen surface.
**I love Bruce Willis movies - this is widely known at home and people spot them for me. YAY!

March 20th, 2017


callum keith rennie icon of newness
I spend a remarkable amount of time guilt-tripping myself about not posting here and then avoid posting here because I don't want to confront it. I'm am not sure that quite made sense, but it's pretty typical behavour on my part.

In other news:
*on Thursday I had my first public seizure. I went down walking past the bus station with my dad. I am told a lot of nice people came to help and carried me off down the road to the [gp practice down the road]*
*my head really hurts - tarmac is not a forgiving surface
*ONL is back and we have school children tomorrow.
*we cut my meds! Wee! It is unbelievable how much more together and engaged I am. 25mg Lama - I am so not missing you.
*dosk is in love with his Switch - first day delivery pre-orders win
*it's grand sumo season - dosk <3 sumo
*we're playing Snipper Clips nowish so...

bye everyone

I hope you guys are still having a rocking time.

*repetition but I don't name places on lj - computer-based paranoia is communicable and I live with two computer scientists

March 7th, 2017

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nightcrawler: sleeping
I've cut down my lamotrigine (with permission) and somehow it is making me hazier than usual (this is the opposite of the desired effect). Still, that's only five days (ish). *blurble*

March 4th, 2017


cross stitch: birdy
Okay, I am doing the guilt/avoidance thing with lj / all internets / real people. I fell out with my cross stitch mermaid last week and we haven't renewed our connection. Here is a really ancient picture (if my tab and lj are talking).


Okay, here comes nothing...

February 23rd, 2017

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Right now I feel truly pants

February 16th, 2017

Okay (sort of)

cross stitch: sleeping beauty
Hello there. I exist! Just not on the internet at this moment. I've had the no-posting guilt/ anxiety/ extra guilt thing. Around two weeks ago, I had my first seizure in forever and it was in front of my computer (which I probably shouldn't have been on) and now everyone in my life talks about limited computer time and I have been using the downstairs machine (where peeps can see me and nag me about screen time more effectively)

It has, however, done wonders for my cross-stitching progress and I now have most of a mirabilia mermaid* Since she's a magazine design the price of the bits is relatively low (this does not mean much) except for the bit when I realised I could have done with two skeins of hideously expensive hand-dyed thread** so there was no possible threat of running out doing the large surrounding frame. The problem being hand dyed = matching dye lots = therefore must buy two from the same lot = £10+ plus postage.

Yeah. It's a cheap mirabilia (try the website mirabilia.com) and that is a very strange idea these days. [points to icon] That, o peoples of the internet, is a mirabilia with unusually high background stitching area. the cabbage roses*** are also very mirabilia - though why they are underwater being held by a mermaid I don't have any idea.

So, uhm, yes, buzzy is alive, kicking and stitching complicated things. Also, I am writing extremely long needle-work-centric foot-notes some of which are historically/sociologically interesting. I am sure you all need to know more about victorian escapism.

More to the [needle]point: the Victorian Lady's own Mindfulness Activity: Berlin Wool Work.

*Mirabilia is Nora Corbett who is one of the most famous people in cross-stitch and she specialises in very complicated mermaid/fairy/angel/princess/myffic-with-extra-myff/fine-lady designs. They have a Cult Following. They are also getting increasingly expensive to "kit up" - i.e. you buy the chart and then you buy your own thread. Did I say about the incredibly expensive bit? That may have something to do with her publisher/distributor owning the biggest specialised embroidery bead and twinkly bits brand (for "biggest" read "only") and the sole wholesaler for an entire european embroidery fabric brand in the US.

I think you can tell what way this is going. The more recent designs require more and more beads, twinkly bits and strange and exotic fabric. They do twenty-seven-and-a-half count fabric woven from unicorn tears - [looks at pattern] - I never knew that even existed and it costs as little as £21.00/metre!. Ooh. I need three packets of iridescent fairy-toenail charms only £4.50/packet. I am not freaking kidding, those are representative prices, when you look at a design and realise that you need 15+ packets of different beads and charms... the things cost up at around £100 before adding your fabric (at least that's cheaper here), specialist threads (oh dear!) and standard embroidery floss (list price - £1.00 a bunch - importing from the US - $0.39 a bunch - recommended on that one)...

You can guess why I don't do many mirabilia designs these days. They are stunningly beautiful but only at a stunning price.

** we're talking about £5.00+ a bunch with five colours - I said tit was a cheap mirabilia; it's a very specialised interpretation of the word "cheap"

*** and that is a proper needlework-history term for the motif - the victorians were very big on them to the point that they were (considered) the nadir of originality, good taste and skilled art-needle-work.

In very snitty pseudo-academic skilled-needlework circles they still are along with their medium counted/charted cross-stitch. These people are incredibly unpleasant and can get vicious. Because... counted cross-stitch is "only" copying.

I have a deep and fervent desire to beat them up with a handmade Berlin-wool Fire Screen that somebody put a lot of love and effort into while living in an incredibly claustrophobic and restrictive society and found happiness and fulfilment there. I have patterns, they are cliched because they were so bloody popular and they do include a lot of roses, pets, bucolic landscapes and faux-medieval designs. They are also bloody hard work and if the snitts start baying about skill, they can try to do plush-work heavy-relief parakeets with metal thread work and then say how easy they find it.

February 1st, 2017

Dr Who?

who: fangirl rose
Unlucky no. 13 (Capaldi) is already of the house and it's begun:

The next Doctor must be a female or Person of Colour.

Okay, so I want my new Doctor to be:

* an actor with a positive interest in the role.
* an actor who emotionally wants the role.
* an actor who is willing to be "Doctor Who" for the rest of his/her/hir life
* an actor who has it in him/her/hir -self and the ability to break free of type-casting
* an actor who is distinctive, creative, driven and energetic

Okay, so I want any Doctor to be:

* somebody who can be a MAD HUMANOID IN A BOX
* a being from a fantastically advanced civilisation who decides they enjoy hanging out with a bunch of hominids who haven't figured out how not destroy their world and develop a civilisation that results in the happiness of all.
* a being who thinks all the above is a good idea and emotionally and personally wants us to get there

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ckr: fear is negotiable
Not a lot to really say here. Sky and Discovery came to a deal. Bbd is still wondering whether it is worth paying £120 extra for the "documentaries and kids" bundle. Why lump "documentaries" and "kids" together in the first place? My problem/worry is that it removes a lot of the stuff I stitch by.
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