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January 13th, 2017


welsh: headdesk
Yesterday was brain doctor day except rather than getting my normal Scary Consultant (the one with disturbing sensitivity training) to her Even Scarier Registrar. So very ungood. Need psych help to get my headaches manageable ("it's like diabetes, you can't cure it but we can... strategies...). If my last email didn't make me sound extra fucked up... don't want to talk/think about this...

On other news, my brand new Mirabilia mermaid is beginning to look more than a little fishy (yay) and the chart is still a pain in the neck (less yay) but my seize-the-other-room-and-watch-stuff-on-my-fire was yay and there is snow (not yay) but somebody took the trouble to decorate the neighbour's car (yay) giving it eyes and lashes (double yay). My new comic looks suckasious (pecuniary unyay) dosk has pre-order a Nintendo Switch (yay) and the Sonic trailer looks awesome (yay) and I have offered to buy it so I can play it when he's not looking (yay) but can also play it with him and geek out (yay)...

January 4th, 2017

Quick Post

callum and hugh
They've stopped giving out samples on sporks at Fudge Kitchen (Butter Market, Cathedral City*, UK) because somebody managed to stab themselves in the throat with one. Not inside the throat (why would you stick the fudge there?) but the outside of the throat (i.e. the neck). wtf? How the hell do you do that?

Anywhichways, that means that the guy has to spork you off a sample and you take it off the spork with your fingers. Sticky black-forest-gateau fingers don't work well with gloves etc. Amusement can be had watching dosk taste-test the vanilla fudge - he didn't enjoy the sugar content but the flavour was good. The fudge guy is still lovely and very stamp-happy with the loyalty card. My next trip will be buy-one-get-one-free and he does double stamps on Fridays.

And now I have something to send to Gingerbread Girl. She's getting Double Chocolate with White Chocolate Swirl. I've a lump of Black-Forest which is the speciality flavour of the month.

*I am location-paranoid.

January 2nd, 2017

Hello - Buzzy surfaces.

hugh house
The world is still the same place it was on the other side of the New Year.

The parents had a [big number] [shiny thing] Wedding Anniversary. Dosk and I ponied up for a dinner out - I thought it would be a just-the-two-of-us romanatic candle-lit thing. Bbd informed me otherwise - a family thing. So we went Turkish (somewhat upmarket) in Cathedral City. Bbd's "make conversation" interactions (I might be over-doing the Sims) continues toe-curling "Can I ask what part of Turkey you're from..." - "I'm Romanian". Oops. "Well, we have a sea in common, I suppose"

I had adana kebab with yoghurt. [fyi: kebab pretty much means any meat product that has contact with a skewer]. I think I got the best option.

I have also recieved a gingerbread-related care package from one of my favourite americans. There is a lot of it. I might finish it in time for the start of the sumo season. (Jan 8 - highlights NHK World - Dosk is a fan). No comments about my likely shape, please.

Today I did c. 100 stitches on my Mysterious New Project and then found I had done them all in the wrong colour. :-( *unpicks thorughly*

Now it is New Year Dinner (we are so laid back in our family) and it smells yummy. TTFN

December 28th, 2016


hugh house
What the hell is going on? Why can't I find my "private" post button? The setting where only I would be able to see an entry. Am I misssing something stupid or is this something to do with using the old interface or some weird little change to the lj setup?

December 25th, 2016

(no subject)

x men jubilie ahem
Dosk: Midnighter is violence in a can.

Doctor Mysterio

who: fangirl rose
Oh gosh. That was actually rather good.

Anyone who can come up with a reason that you can't claim you shot somebody in defence clearly has skills. Indeed that sort of dotty reverse think is my number one reason for liking this Doctor. He is a mad man thinking out of the box. Plus, somehow annoying little alien guy got to be quite cute, actually... his meta comments are wonderful.

I am looking forward to the next series.

These are not words I've written during the past two to three years/seasons. I would say that the lack of Clara Sue really helps. Also an assistant who works at college...

... is thinking out of the box.

And this is my Christmas after all (except for the sore throat and epic tonsils)

December 16th, 2016

(no subject)

hugh house
It's one of those "sleepwalking days" here.

Bbd has the lurge - could make things with ONL interesting.

December 15th, 2016

(no subject)

x-men x-mas
There really isn't anything interesting to report today. Yesterday was my uncle's funeral (returning brain tumour, complications from) so that was incredibly cheerful. I wore my blouse with cacti on it. Orders were "don't be black and boring" do everyone was black and boring (except some of the cousins whose mother gave the order). As funerals go, it wasn't bad and it wasn't the [slot name here] service and now I know more about my uncle now he's dead than I ever did in life*. On a slightly more upbeat note, we met some of my newer tinier cousins.

*albeit I knew/experienced him as this very tall presence who liked tropical fish.

December 12th, 2016

There are not words for how much I hate e-bay right now. I had to get bbd in to figure it out and so he saw his surprise extra present type thing (it's bought re-ferb so it may or may not come up to scratch - not a phrase to use when talking about cds). It's the first time I've come up with an available one for less than £30. Honestly, some of the new copies are priced at something like £80! All because bbd wants [and has for years] the bbc "dramatic adaptation" [from radio 4*] over the unabridged reading done by the original publisher's mate down the pub. I guess it's a more than cosy arrangement (and dearer than the bbc versions when they were still buyable) but it's an absolute pain if you like listening when driving [like radio 4] and not having to concentrate on every. little. word. while driving [can that be any worse than using a mobile or something?].


On a downer, I finally got my "christmas with the puppini sisters" cd and I don't think it's something I'd listen to again. Huge Disappointment - not really enough swing and oomph and the "last christmas" (yes, the wham song) re-arrangement was just too long and too pained. If you want to hear a good puppuni sisters' strange-but-right rearrangement/adaptation (it's not exactly a cover as I understand it) try "wuthering heights" and "heart of glass". I love "heart of glass" swing/harmony style.

That album, by the way, is betcha bottom dollar.

For the americadians, Radio 4 is the bbc's "cultural" station. It's hard to describe in the extreme.

I love women's hour (yes, the title is scaryily patriarchal) which is actually as feminist and fierce [you're more likely to hear about fgm than cake-making and making politicians very uncomfortable]. The station does a lot of politicians very uncomfortable feeding them to John Humphrys which is like being smeared with pilchards and dropped into a shark tank.

It's also responsible for the archers - I hate the archers. It's a soap opera [possibly the longest running radio soap everywhere] set in a farming community [they have an agricultural consultant in the credits] where things are very dramatic and are of national interest. I am not kidding. There were weeks of discussion about domestic abuse and whether it is okay to stab said abusive partner and how does child custody fit into it. There was also a plot about gay free-range geese farmers (the farmers are gay and have no goose-farming skills) which was at least more interesting.

Radio 4 also do a lot of radio drama, book of the week and a host of topical comedy programmes which are more interesting and funny than any on television

December 11th, 2016

What I said above.

Sorting financials does not help my urge towards dormancy.

Sorting passwords does not help my urge towards inertia.

So many emails to write to find out locations for peeps and presents.

Just bought ONL a custom-printed mug with the "Europa and the bull" mosaic at Lullingstone Roman Villa (which is where ONL cut his digging teeth) and I still love her circular boobies. You can find her here

She is my second-favourite Romano-British mosaic. Number one is the Romulus and Remus mosaic found at Aldborough, Yorkshire*. The wolf is just so happy. look at the happy wolf.

Stylistically, it is somewhat reminiscent of the whole modern "american primitive" genre of cross-stitch and punch-needling. I've always wanted to do something mosaic-ey in cross-stitch, but the trap is that cross-stitches are square and evenly sized and real ones are definitely not (even on geometric designs/pavements).

* for extra context for the curious:
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