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The CYOA/BFM research bits masterpost - a wip of what I think I need to know

[SHORT SORT OF ETA: https://buzzylittleb.livejournal.com/844369.html ME ONLY PLOT IMPORTANT]

okay then, let the insanity begin.

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ETA: I'm digging though posts backwards and wishing that I was more consistent with the tags

Plot Planning:

Janne: Plot Entanglement: https://buzzylittleb.livejournal.com/822549.html#comments
Janne: Plot Entanglement and Clarity: https://buzzylittleb.livejournal.com/821541.html

Very Helpful Things From Helpful People:

Janne: Plot Entanglement and Clarity: https://buzzylittleb.livejournal.com/821541.html
Janne: Plot Entanglement: https://buzzylittleb.livejournal.com/822549.html#comments
Ride: so many things than I can count
Ride: Vehicle entanglement and non-existing screen caps: https://buzzylittleb.livejournal.com/798092.html#comments

The Frozen North [fraser background stuff]:
Map of Fraser's Cabin: https://dues-research.livejournal.com/26745.html#/comments
[comment = omg somebody did that! I thought it was just dosk who mapped rooms/sets from footage!]

The Frozen North [general and geographical stuff]:
[warm me up]Alkavic To Inuvik - https://buzzylittleb.livejournal.com/824550.html
Moose Jaw - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moose_Jaw
Tuk https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tuktoyaktuk
Tuk winter road: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tuktoyaktuk_Winter_Road

The Motoring Section [the Mom Mobile, the Landy and the GTO]
[There is a lot of this]* Landy Backstory 1: https://buzzylittleb.livejournal.com/823105.html#comments
* More Landy: https://buzzylittleb.livejournal.com/817430.html#comments
Telegraph on Landy: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/cars/news/end-of-the-road-for-the-land-rover-defender/
The Mom Mobile: https://buzzylittleb.livejournal.com/798092.html#comments
The Mom Mobile: factory colours http://www.automotivetouchup.com/touch-up-paint/ford/1995/taurus/
The Mom Mobile: specs http://www.automobile-catalog.com/make/ford_usa/taurus_2gen/taurus_2gen_gl_4-door_sedan/1994.html

More Mountie Motoring theory: https://buzzylittleb.livejournal.com/831735.html

The Odd Personal Details Thing

Chicago Lore [fictional]:
The Hi-Liw Homestyle Diner: https://buzzylittleb.livejournal.com/798092.html#comments

Chicago Information [non-fictional]:
Residential districts: http://www.dreamtown.com/maps/chicago-neighborhood-map.htm

CPD Information [very non-fictional]:
A guide to police codes (general): http://www.tech-faq.com/police-scanner-codes.html

RCMP Training [very non-fictional]:
[welcome to the RCMP, hope you survive the experience]Mountie Swearing In: https://dues-research.livejournal.com/21077.html#/21077.html
[comment: interesting but the comments get Nasty]
Insignia: http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/unif/badge-insigne-eng.htm#Sharpshooter
Insignia (due south): http://dues-research.livejournal.com/4726.html#/4726.html
Kit Costs: https://dues-research.livejournal.com/16892.html#/cutid1
Cadet Diary: archive.org/web/20080221130916/http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/recruiting/cadet_diary/cadet_diary_e.htm

RCMP History [hopefully non-fictional]

Canon Reference Chunks:
* Frannie, Turnbull and Mort: https://buzzylittleb.livejournal.com/824235.html
The GTO http://buzzylittleb.livejournal.com/824003.html

My Fan Theory Chunks:
Turnbull (why sent away): https://buzzylittleb.livejournal.com/823606.html
My Turnbull (prolific indeed): https://buzzylittleb.livejournal.com/813487.html

All About the Hotel:
staffing: https://buzzylittleb.livejournal.com/807206.html#comments


Lateral Thinking: https://buzzylittleb.livejournal.com/809522.html

The GTO http://buzzylittleb.livejournal.com/824003.html

Turnbull: https://buzzylittleb.livejournal.com/809522.html#comments
Turnbull (why I love him): https://jackymedan.tumblr.com/post/80248986705/sproid-replied-to-your-postdont-you-like
Lipstickcat: https://idol-reflection.livejournal.com/37055.html

Anna [our victim]:

The Suspects [ag, ex: s: exp: everyone else]

Witness Type People:

The Research Team:
[Frannie and Turnbull]* Frannie, Turnbull and Mort: https://buzzylittleb.livejournal.com/824235.html
Janne: Plot Entanglement: https://buzzylittleb.livejournal.com/822549.html#comments

The Command Team:

The CPD Team:

Anything Else:

Maple Syrup
Canada History: http://www.seacouver.slashcity.net/history/index2.html#canada
An American's Guide to Living in Canada: https://web.archive.org/web/20060705173554/http://emily.icomm.ca/
Internet Browsers of the 90s:
The hotel: https://buzzylittleb.livejournal.com/807206.html#comments
Price of a National Geographic in CAN$ circa 1997:
Hallucinogens: https://buzzylittleb.livejournal.com/806406.html#comments
Inuit Hallucinogens: https://mycotopia.net/topic/80405-alaskan-native-inuits-chewing-the-ash-of-a-tree-conch-for-psychoactive-effects/
Canadian Fish Problems: http://www.oceana.ca/en/blog/canada-nation-built-fish

Quick reference: 1994 3.0L Ford Taurus in “Opal Frost Metallic” [index? RKA something]
Ditto: Mounties are Regular Members 
Cadets are expected to iron their bedsheets [comment: I thought only my grandmother did that - she liked ironing]
Travel: Chicago to Vermont flight 2:35 / Road 15hrs + [so multiple stop offs - prob overnight] (Cleveland, Ohio likely)

Random Dialogue bits:

Volcanic Management:
The hills are alive with the sound of mounties: https://buzzylittleb.livejournal.com/817430.html#comments

My Del.icio.us account: https://del.icio.us/buzzylittleb (all 978 of them)

OKAY, That's All Folks! (sanity)

ETA: personal canon and fic bits:
Inside the Consulate: https://buzzylittleb.livejournal.com/831849.html
winter bear

er... hi?

Hello. When my last computer blew up (or pretty close, the hard drive went kerrrrrrunnnnncccchhhh) and I spent a month waiting for my new one, I got out of the writing habit entirely and this blew Booked For Murder out of the Water. Since then, I guilt-tripped myself off livejournal because I am that sort of a person and I didn't want to let people down.
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Droopy: radio

(no subject)

I've been 'writing' updates about small, cool things (and dosk's elaborate but awful jokes) but the only place I've been publishing them is in my head. I have still got the guilt/anxiety/avoid thing going. :-(

Other than that, there is not really much to say. After two weeks computer-less, my writing mojo pretty much upped sticks and didn't return and I felt guilty about not having any progress to report.

This has been a very big scary/anxious thing to post this so I'm really pushing my boundaries here.
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hugh house

(no subject)

This is really, really scary writing this post. I'm having some issues.

[explaining them contributes to the scary - there are other big things but I don't want to talk about them because they are bad and feed each other and then it's even scarier ]

okay, end of post
hugh house

(no subject)

find a walrus

a walrus?

it means don't read the damned book or let your grandmother coerce you into reading it - you know what it means son - feed that book to a -- look, do what you did last time, with the aboriginal boy and the--


exactly, son, destroy that book with prejudice and gumption

gun-- ham--? what does that mean?

it means I've spent too much time with your uncle buck and not enough with you. i'm coming, son, if it means hitching up the dogs and make like the wind for the first mail plane out - i'm coming for you, son,

i'm coming for you. i'm going to give your grandma a few words about how i want my son brought up
exc: oh dear!

Hello (writing woe)

I've finally got a nice working whizzo computer.

I've also got one of those "how did I not consider that?" moments.

If our victim is booked in with her legal name, Lisa Anne Turson, how does anybody know that professionally she goes by the nom-de-plume AnnaLise Treason? Why the hell would Welsh and the Chicago boys in blue know that she is the writer of several low-brow but high-selling novels and a minor-league Canadian celebrity slash sociopath? This is why the RCMP have their collective knickers in a twist. So, who told them (I know) and who passed it onto the RCMP and subsequently passed it on to the CPD (no clue?).

I think I am going to have to rewrite the entire starting scenario and reboot the crazier tone (and possibly my beloved character stuff) into something a bit more... *something*

ETA: I see jettisoning. All the really cool things hanging on from COYA. :-(

{hopefully, it's not that bad}
nightcrawler: sleeping

An Update

That is the most boring post title ever (sorry).

Uhm, the build start day on my (semi custom) computer has shifted to Monday. So I can't expect delivery before Friday (if I don't go mad first). I keep getting stuck for things to do and I am thoroughly cheesed off with the cross stitch thing (nigh unreadable chart, indistinguishable backgrounds, and the dread big green lumps) and colouring is beginning to lose its appeal.

Squid (the laptop) is not up and running. Dosk has spent a lot of time saying interesting words about Microsoft and their update/fixing systems. Windows 7 is feeling rather under the weather.

I should really breakout the tablet and do something with that. I am trying to avoid dragging out the Little Black Box (my beloved and first desktop computer) from the back of the wardrobe but it is really just a matter of time / willpower / won'tpower.

hmmmmm... there is little else to delight you with, so I am going to eat a jam sandwich and read a paper.
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cap brit: the girls

(no subject)

Dosk and Dad have determined that my computer is a zombie computer. Either the processor or the motherboard is screwed and they're not exactly repairable. So, I need to buy a new desktop.

My erstwhile (smallish) laptop, otherwise known as Squid, remains as slow as something very slow but Dosk and I have been scouring it of OEM bloatware and hopefully, we might even get a working computer rather than a desk ornament/word-processor. I've only been using the thing as a (clunky) word-processor and quarantine machine. It can barely run two windows at a time and then sulks about it. Actually, it does nothing better than my first did except run slower. Okay, so that one couldn't attach to the internet (not a big issue in 1998) and save things to an external floppy drive. It was about the size and thickness of a hardback, which was seriously wow c.1998 (and explains the external floppy).

So, Squid might end up usable and may even get up close and personal with Pencil if it doesn't slow the thing down too much. Pencil is my plot-planning essential - I have lots of flow diagrams etc in it and they make me happy.

So, I'm missing out on computer things and getting stuck for anything else to do.
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ckr: fear is negotiable

oh knickers

My computer really has up and died on me. (or is just very very super ill)

I hadn't bothered to back up a lot of my booked for murder notes. :-(

Every couple/treble of days I would back up to dropbox.

I just thought that there was going to be a time when it would be less of a bother. :-(

Still, I have some of the stuff on dropbox (from when I did bother) :-|

Sadly, the missing stuff was rather important (how to kill your mother, death by maple syrup, serious pathological nutcases and a clue tree [one of the "laws" of Agatha Christie style novels is that all the necessary information is revealed to the reader] and the last(ish) "oh my god, [somebody] is killing [blank] Canadians associated with [murder trigger event / traumatic experience that scared the killer for life and got them into killing Canadians in the first place].

Note to self:

*The boys are only "turned on" to the [Ex-Agent] after Turnbull has done some of this amazing research skills and negotiated with some of his 'contacts' and found somebody with access to newspaper archives.

ETA: going to post my pc back to manufacturer with a summary of (increasing) fail.
ETA 2: excuse for therapeutic shopping?

ETA 3: [husband] was not aware that [son] was anywhere near the [avery] and had not informed [the boys] that he did (because, obvs, no connection) and had to phone [college admin] to get his telephone number (They are estranged and out of contact because [son] refusing to communicate "because") so that he can break the news of his [mom]'s murder rather than let the [police] tell him (and then traumatise [son]) only this is a Bad Thing. They killed the [PA] because she knew he was in Chicago and so would have to die (so the police don't know about him and he is not a suspect and it will really piss [Chrissy] off if they don't accomplish her [original murder plan]) or everything will fail massively. (Confused much? This is why I have flow charts. If anyone knows about [son] then everything will trail back to him and hence to [Chrissy] who possibly overlooked giving a false name when she checked in... so, they can't let this get back to the cops when (having warned son) [husband] tells the cops about him...

[son] obv not with [Chrissy] on her (amended) continuing plan - kill [his dad] to shut him up and then kill [her dad] who was the person she wanted to kill in the first place (before she got greedy). Generally, people don't like killing their parent(s) unless they have a really good reason. [son] had a really good reason to kill [victim] and was planning on a "happily ever after" with [his dad]. He argues, she remonstrates with a [huge bottle of inferior maple syrup] to the head with serious intent.

She ends up with choice: forensically get out first and then go murder [his dad] / skip forensics and get out to murder [his dad] sooner and minimise the gap in which he could tell the police. (sounds like gobbledegook - another reason for the bleeding flow diagrams).

The "skip forensics" option doesn't play out anyway, [the boys] have the [secret weapon] that she hasn't.
dief: Dief cry

(no subject)

"... yeah, but this is a canadian logic thing, down the rabbit hole stuff"

"Turnbull, stop giggling, Ray's having his Inspector Colombo moment"

"I heard that"

sorry, Ray. Could you please continue?