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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Smaller On The Outside

Little-b: half woman, half insect, all fangirl

hugh house

Intergalactic Cross Stitch Queen and Fabricator of Fan Fic.


January 14th, 2018

okay then, let the insanity begin.

[posts that are not public are marked with an *]

ETA: I'm digging though posts backwards and wishing that I was more consistent with the tags

Plot Planning:

Janne: Plot Entanglement: https://buzzylittleb.livejournal.com/822549.html#comments
Janne: Plot Entanglement and Clarity: https://buzzylittleb.livejournal.com/821541.html

Very Helpful Things From Helpful People:

Janne: Plot Entanglement and Clarity: https://buzzylittleb.livejournal.com/821541.html
Janne: Plot Entanglement: https://buzzylittleb.livejournal.com/822549.html#comments
Ride: so many things than I can count
Ride: Vehicle entanglement and non-existing screen caps: https://buzzylittleb.livejournal.com/798092.html#comments

The Frozen North [fraser background stuff]:
Map of Fraser's Cabin: https://dues-research.livejournal.com/26745.html#/comments
[comment = omg somebody did that! I thought it was just dosk who mapped rooms/sets from footage!]

The Frozen North [general and geographical stuff]:
[warm me up]Alkavic To Inuvik - https://buzzylittleb.livejournal.com/824550.html
Moose Jaw - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moose_Jaw
Tuk https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tuktoyaktuk
Tuk winter road: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tuktoyaktuk_Winter_Road

The Motoring Section [the Mom Mobile, the Landy and the GTO]
[There is a lot of this]* Landy Backstory 1: https://buzzylittleb.livejournal.com/823105.html#comments
* More Landy: https://buzzylittleb.livejournal.com/817430.html#comments
Telegraph on Landy: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/cars/news/end-of-the-road-for-the-land-rover-defender/
The Mom Mobile: https://buzzylittleb.livejournal.com/798092.html#comments
The Mom Mobile: factory colours http://www.automotivetouchup.com/touch-up-paint/ford/1995/taurus/
The Mom Mobile: specs http://www.automobile-catalog.com/make/ford_usa/taurus_2gen/taurus_2gen_gl_4-door_sedan/1994.html

More Mountie Motoring theory: https://buzzylittleb.livejournal.com/831735.html

The Odd Personal Details Thing

Chicago Lore [fictional]:
The Hi-Liw Homestyle Diner: https://buzzylittleb.livejournal.com/798092.html#comments

Chicago Information [non-fictional]:
Residential districts: http://www.dreamtown.com/maps/chicago-neighborhood-map.htm

CPD Information [very non-fictional]:
A guide to police codes (general): http://www.tech-faq.com/police-scanner-codes.html

RCMP Training [very non-fictional]:
[welcome to the RCMP, hope you survive the experience]Mountie Swearing In: https://dues-research.livejournal.com/21077.html#/21077.html
[comment: interesting but the comments get Nasty]
Insignia: http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/unif/badge-insigne-eng.htm#Sharpshooter
Insignia (due south): http://dues-research.livejournal.com/4726.html#/4726.html
Kit Costs: https://dues-research.livejournal.com/16892.html#/cutid1
Cadet Diary: archive.org/web/20080221130916/http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/recruiting/cadet_diary/cadet_diary_e.htm

RCMP History [hopefully non-fictional]

Canon Reference Chunks:
* Frannie, Turnbull and Mort: https://buzzylittleb.livejournal.com/824235.html
The GTO http://buzzylittleb.livejournal.com/824003.html

My Fan Theory Chunks:
Turnbull (why sent away): https://buzzylittleb.livejournal.com/823606.html
My Turnbull (prolific indeed): https://buzzylittleb.livejournal.com/813487.html

All About the Hotel:
staffing: https://buzzylittleb.livejournal.com/807206.html#comments


Lateral Thinking: https://buzzylittleb.livejournal.com/809522.html

The GTO http://buzzylittleb.livejournal.com/824003.html

Turnbull: https://buzzylittleb.livejournal.com/809522.html#comments
Turnbull (why I love him): https://jackymedan.tumblr.com/post/80248986705/sproid-replied-to-your-postdont-you-like
Lipstickcat: https://idol-reflection.livejournal.com/37055.html

Anna [our victim]:

The Suspects [ag, ex: s: exp: everyone else]

Witness Type People:

The Research Team:
[Frannie and Turnbull]* Frannie, Turnbull and Mort: https://buzzylittleb.livejournal.com/824235.html
Janne: Plot Entanglement: https://buzzylittleb.livejournal.com/822549.html#comments

The Command Team:

The CPD Team:

Anything Else:

Maple Syrup
Canada History: http://www.seacouver.slashcity.net/history/index2.html#canada
An American's Guide to Living in Canada: https://web.archive.org/web/20060705173554/http://emily.icomm.ca/
Internet Browsers of the 90s:
The hotel: https://buzzylittleb.livejournal.com/807206.html#comments
Price of a National Geographic in CAN$ circa 1997:
Hallucinogens: https://buzzylittleb.livejournal.com/806406.html#comments
Inuit Hallucinogens: https://mycotopia.net/topic/80405-alaskan-native-inuits-chewing-the-ash-of-a-tree-conch-for-psychoactive-effects/

Quick reference: 1994 3.0L Ford Taurus in “Opal Frost Metallic” [index? RKA something]
Ditto: Mounties are Regular Members 
Cadets are expected to iron their bedsheets [comment: I thought only my grandmother did that - she liked ironing]
Travel: Chicago to Vermont flight 2:35 / Road 15hrs + [so multiple stop offs - prob overnight] (Cleveland, Ohio likely)

Random Dialogue bits:

Volcanic Management:
The hills are alive with the sound of mounties: https://buzzylittleb.livejournal.com/817430.html#comments

My Del.icio.us account: https://del.icio.us/buzzylittleb (all 978 of them)

OKAY, That's All Folks! (sanity)

ETA: personal canon and fic bits:
Inside the Consulate: https://buzzylittleb.livejournal.com/831849.html

February 23rd, 2018

(no subject)

dief and donuts COYA
I'm feeling pleased with myself. I've just inserted a really bad pun into Booked For Murder. The boys have just arrived at the Hotel Reception and are examining security [Ray] and interviewing Receptionist [Fraser]. They will regret this piecemeal approach later.

Damien Kowalski's summer road trips are always a disaster.

ETA: 670 words I mostly like. Yay.

February 20th, 2018

Booked For Murder

quentin quire: bad news
Of course Tessa is vacationing in Mosquitoville, Vermont. How could it be another way?

Fraser, I've never seen a hotel that scuzzy since the

Rectangular Road Ranch [Oblong Illinois

and Motel 7¾.

ETA: The top flight destination for Vermont is Burlington Int. There are ~370 domestic flights a day. That's going to make finding Tessa a little difficult.

And, Fraser, why did you write the interview notes in shorthand? <-- oh dear!

In case I've forgotten

hugh house
The case Lieutenant Walsh assigned to Fraser and Kowalski was as different as ptarmigan is from pemmican.

Fraser's short hand = teeline unlikely (he learnt from his grandmother)

<-- see quote below

[shorthand resources]







And a quote:
Welsh: He can take notes, can't he?

Fraser: Ah, well, yes sir. In two official languages, three forms of shorthand, Cantonese, Inuktitut, . . .

February 19th, 2018

Has anyone other than me ever used a floppy disk digital camera?

[yes, the "removable media" is 3.5in and typically blue]

I also had a parallel port cable mp3 player. It played sixteen songs at a time if you conpressed them enough.

[Those (pre-usb) printer cables with big rectangular ends; it took one of those and was expandable to 32meg if you had somebody to deconstruct it and insert an extra 16meg ram card]

[like half of those long finger-shaped green ram cards inside a pc: the thing was big and expensive and it is still somewhere in my room. It was a 17/18th birthday present. I didn't own any many cds and they were hell to upload them to the computer and then get them into .wav files]

I had a "notebook" style mobile "lap top computer" before there was a name for them.

[I inherited it from my brother and used it to type my essays at college before making a mad dash (with floppy disk in hand) to the printer room to get them in on time. Everything I wrote went straight onto floppy disk - with win95 and word on it, there wasn't that much room left]

[Dosk has dyspraxia and can't write clearly for any appreciable length of time. After years of pestering 'they' got him a laptop. Which got stolen. My dad bought this as a stop-gap and I don't think you would have had much change from £800]

Some of this is actually relevent to the whole Booked for Murder plot (crica 1998). It's easy to forget that we didn't have the almost instant access to information and you would need Turnbull to spend about a morning or more to build a profile/biography of a person. He would use telephones, personal contacts, fax machines*, emails and a remote-connection to the RCMP databases.

I forgot dial-up modems and what you can do with one, besides make your ears bleed and your wallet bleed a lot more. If you ever want a reminder of early websites, I heartily recommend archive.org. Also, there were no search engines that really worked. They were virtually the same as web directories but bigger and (supposedly) searchable. You really don't want to listen to me explain the technology.

*do you remember those computer programmes that enabled you to turn your computer into a fax machine? All you need is an accoustic coupler or a dial up modem.

February 17th, 2018

(no subject)

medieval: blessing
South Korea have announced an Olympic ski-ing event for robots. This could be fun.

February 13th, 2018

There is an unofficial shooting range in one of the garages. The Consulate has basement garages which remain unused except by the Mounties, who hold the key for ‘security purposes’. To use one, you would have to remove your wing mirrors and then exit the vehicle thorough the sunroof. If your vehicle lacks a sun roof, a tin opener is available at the reception desk. Which is all very fine if you haven’t driven in already and realised that if you don’t back in, you can’t get out. Ray will be pleased to know that now he has a formal position within (and without) the RCMP, he is, as a law enforcement agent, permitted to carry one 9mm pistol but is not permitted load or use it. Fraser and Turnbull know a lot about RCMP regulations, as you will find out.

February 12th, 2018

Getting from Inuvik to Yellowknife is a 50 hour drive [mileages don't really work over long distances in Canada] and the maximum amount of time a trucker is allowed to drive is 13hrs.

There is no way that Fraser would drive for such a long amount of time. He is familiar with the consequences of sleeping at the wheel, delayed reaction time and reliance on cruise control. The Dempster Highway has a particularly adverse camber (the road surface isn't level and drops away at the edges - extra bad with a high/heavy load, a raised point of gravity and a rammed gravel roadbed) and there are up to 13ft drops on the side to keep the surface above the permafrost.

General advice is not to bring a spare tyre, bring at least two. Remember that there are no emergency services and no manned stop-off points. Make sure you have enough gas/petrol/diesel and fill up some jerry cans before you depart. The surface is not secure, there is nothing holding the gravel surface down other than gravity. You could probably wreck a tyre or wreck the underside of your vehicle.

If you were a trucker under (illegal) pressure from your employer, you can probably do a 50h drive in four days. This, though, is based on a nice, flat, normal highway with nice weather conditions and a paved surface. I'm not sure how far you can drive on the Dempster in 13 hours, but I think halving it would be more than sane. Bringing a friend and driving shifts would be an even better idea provided you can sleep while bounced around on a load of gravel.

If I did take the 6 hours option, I'd be driving for five to seven days. It's easy to assume that Fraser [with drive times somewhere in between and broken up into shifts]* would never try to drive down unless he's carrying something too big or too heavy to fit on a Cessna or other 'bush plane' Fraser would probably only drive around his home ground (the northest part of the North West Territories) when he needs to get somewhere (getting medical emergency cases to the airfield, chase malfeasants) or he needs to obtain something (like shoot dinner).

The two hour flight from Inuvik to Yellowknife already sounded better than driving (you just need to realise that they're one a day, weather permitting) but it sounds even more attractive after you have considered the road journey. Before there was a full-distance road (the sporadically built Demptser Highway was, uh, sporadically built), your best and only option to get something large up there would be to put it on a boat.

So, if Grandfather Fraser bought a motor vehicle it would have been floated up the river. Interesting.

Also, another point supporting the idea that Fraser is not so much a bad driver than an inexperienced driver trying to navigate roads with 90 degree corners, large numbers of pedestrians and terrifying traffic density.

[possibly bfm: Fraser inherited his Grandfather's 1964 Landrover and spent two weeks driving it to Moose Jaw. It needed specialist parts [a 1960s big tractor/jeep cross imported from Great Britain... that would really take ages to get parts] and Fraser wants to upgrade and get a "snork" (snorkel attached to the engine so you can ford rivers without wrecking the engine) added. Since Moose Jaw was Fraser's first ever posting, he could have used up his entire vacation allowance before he even started and then road-tripped for two weeks. His commanding officer is not pleased and even less pleased when he sees the thing in the Detachment car park.]

[also poss bfm: Fraser has to explain that although his vehicle is older than Ray's GTO, it does not make him a classic car fan. Fraser is a practical vehicle fan.]

*Fraser makes claims upon micronapping - they were extremely facetious and passive-agressive.

February 10th, 2018

tiny post

due South: canada book
Working on writing. :-)

Researching some more: http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/detach/en/d/361#Tuktoyaktuk

Fraser's 'home' station. Why the hell does the RCMP use white vehicles in somewhere snowy?

ETA: lj arrrgh! why can't i stick post-dated entries at the top anymore? I need more than one sticky, thank you kindly. I don't want a "scheduled entry" turning up in 2019. I want a (private) file list underneath my (public) research sticky *pouts*

February 7th, 2018

Ray Kowalski never uses expressions like 'Christ's sake, Fraser, do [verb] thing" or "for Pete's sake, we are not, repeat not, climbing up those stairs again" (almost always they always do)

Fraser, on the other hand, likes "for God's sake" as in "oh for God's sake, I think I provided ample explanation".

[actually so does Thatcher, dead bob, and Vecchio?]

Damn, I'm curious now (and should be typing)

[badly laid out statistics]Pilot:
Dubious Guy: 2
Dead Bob: 1 (but with feeling)

Season One:
Dead Bob: 1

Season Two:
Fraser 2
Vecchio 2
Dead Bob 1
Random Bad Guys: 4

Season Three:
Fraser 2
Thatcher 2
Dead Bob
Random Bad Guy 1

Answer: Too few to be in any way conclusive. How do American networks think about any possible invocation of God that somebody, somewhere will sue their asses for "taking the Lord's name in Vain"? or his dad's
Dosk bought some seemingly incredibly expensive working-copy [i.e. bad, fuzzy, wrecked photocopies of] set building/design plans from one of his favourite television series. These were from a honest-to-god real-world auction house with matching auctioneer fees (ouch).

[this is dosk's hobby, retro-engineering sets/props/daleks with fuzzy-ish screen caps and a lot of math]*

They weren't as described:

They're first generation plans (done in pencil) and master copies from which the bad, fuzzy, wrecked third-generation photocopies were made. OMG!

They were much less incredibly expensive than they seemed considering that those bad, fuzzy, wrecked photocopied plans cost way more to buy individually. Once again, dosk rocks
pat it and bake it and mark it with b and put it in the oven for baby and me


write it and file it and mark it with d [i.e done]

how the hell do you punctuate

Fraser was still in Happy Little Mountie-Mode / Happy Little Mountie Land

Thank you, dosk.

February 5th, 2018

if you say so ray

dief and donuts COYA
It began with Ray's initials, nothing good ever began with Ray's initials.

(no subject)

hugh house
I've been doing tiny bits of fanfiction. Teeny little <100 word bits (mostly) but good ones. A lot of it currently regards Turnbull. Also, I have a scene with Camp David (Frannie's opposite number in minor crimes and an honourary member of the admin sisterhood) getting in the way of Ray and the sole point of escape out of the bullpen.

January 31st, 2018

(no subject)

booked turnbull
Turnbull has only been posted at two detachments and everyone who serves with him is fully aware of his sexuality. His unique and idiosyncratic approach is to accost his fellow Members and tell them, in his typically earnest style, that he never gives and never will give undue attention to his fellow officers’ asses regardless of gender, sexuality, race, faith and anything else in the diversity handbook.

January 29th, 2018

(no subject)

animal: omg llamas!
Went to West World + [paranoid homophone] and bought trousers that fit! And are my length! Yay!

Shops say there is a "short" length available in their trouser range. I have very rarely seen the beast. In fact, I think they keep them at head office, in the basement, in a toilet with "beware of the leopard" on a sign outside.

[this is a very bad paraphrase of a wholy remarkable book]

[okay... it&apos;s this book]

It's "the Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy" which is a "remarkable book":

[Spoiler (click to open)]"It was on display in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying Beware of the Leopard."

If you haven't read H2G2, what planet are you on? It is nothing like the movie. Please erase the movie from your consciousness. If you haven't seen the movie, DON'T!

I do, however, recommend the original bbc audio play that kicked the whole thing off.

The 1980s bbc television version is, also, amazing. Plus, everyone here loves Marvin. [and if there was anything more wrong than the rest of the movie, it was Marvin.] [Brits: the real Marvin appeared on Top of the Pops with his single "Paranoid Andriod". How could it named anything else?]

Both were writen by Douglas Adams. [i.e. the author] The movie was writen by idiots.

January 27th, 2018

(no subject)

booked turnbull
I'm not sure if this classes as a mental health break, but I am still okay here.

January 21st, 2018

What are the chances that Fraser had one of these as a kid?  They are just too cute.  I think this is a cert.

Quite Possibly the Cutest Thing You Can Make With A Dead Seal: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ookpik

Yet another handy research-list link.  This time, it is about the NWT/Nunavut and by the lovely dkwilliams


And a fantastic Fraser fact (courtesy of _unhurt_:

Regarding Musk Ox: their inuit name is oomingmaq, "the animal with skin like a beard". my brain has now labelled this as a 'fraser fact'.

January 19th, 2018

Okay, I just randomly remembered I had a del.icio.us account back when dinosaurs ruled the earth.

I can't remember the email or the password, so I can't get at any private stuff.

I've just remembered why I stopped using it. They suddenly cut the amount of words you placed in the description.  A lot of them were links to message board posts [not permanent and you can't ressurect them using the Wayback Machine* aka Archive.org.  I posted a quick quote or a longer synopsis so I could find them easily.
If they'd told me, I would have harvested them and saved them to Black Box (my first computer of my own and it has a very small footprint and is short enough that everyone thought it was a really cool looking stereo).

If you ever find Dead Links to things you want to read, go to archive.org [it does what it says on the tin] and feed in the link.  There's a very good chance that you can see a saved copy of the website.  Cool, huh.

About word mangling and diction in due south with reg. ray, frannie, turnbull, almost everyone.

ETA [current archive.org page]
What happens at Mountie School... gets written about by young, female cadet.

Also, I should mention that my account is here:

The front-end says that I "recently saved" posts/links in 2008. *rolls eyes to heaven*

January 17th, 2018

(no subject)

mort: hi
Okay, went to Cathedral City and did some shopping with bbd! Besides getting my hands on a ludicrous amount of sticky, sweet and not healthful consumables. I also got a nifty necklace/earrings combination with cherries on and a new watch (cheaper than replacing a watch battery in Town) and a new book (about the history of surgery)*. It was really awesome.

*more interesting and amusing than you might think.


Note to self: Part way through the briefing, Frannie bursts into the office with an e-mail for "Harding" and then noticed the guys in the room. The email is from the RCMP and they want to handle the case/lead the investigation themselves. Unfortunately, most of the Mounties are otherwise occupied [embarrassingly, somebody stole a 32ft statue of a moose and they can't find it] and a maple-syrup smuggler has met a sticky end [Welsh: "they have somebody to write this stuff?!"] so they are going to send down a task force [which isn't available and quite possibly doesn't exist] to investigate. However, they have a Deployment of trained investigators already in the city of Chicago and they will handle the initial investigation...

Fraser and Turnbull have a murder on their hands and have only their American Liaison Officer to aid them!

Actually, that sums up a lot of the plot for the thing I'm working on.
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