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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Me Likey, to quote Shadowkittracey a bit.

Me Likey, to quote Shadowkittracey a bit.

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hugh house
If they ever make this...

Effortless switching between English and Greek (and no more stickies on the keys) and a photoshop keyset.

I want one.

Signed the b, who does not like ergonomic keyboards and wants one suited to her really small hand span.
  • I want one too. They so have to make that.
  • Neat keyboard!

    I too have small hands. I am the only person I know who actually prefers typing on a laptop because my stubby little fingers can reach all the keys. Awhile back, I tried picking up one of the cheerfully colored kiddie keyboards you sometimes see at Best Buy, but the thing was so darn fragile it fell apart in weeks. I was stunned. After all, kids are HARD on stuff. You'd expect the kiddie keyboard to be made to take abuse. Ah, well.
    • Oh! Another person with dinky fingers, this keeps up and we'll have a new determination of fangirl status, small hands. Currently, as I share a screen and desk with my bro, I'm saddled with his horrible ergo keyboard of doom (which frankly ain't ergonomic), though I do have a cheap small sized keyboard to lug up to college with me.

      Thing being I learnt to type in the weird four fingered way I do on my old laptop, which was about the size of a decent hardback book and had very shallow keys, and it was comfortable darn it. And now I'm stuck with Dosk's monstosity (irony of irony I use it most) and my hands hurt now.
  • I'm totally with you with the small hand thingy. I have replaced most of my mice with those laptop or children sized ones because they fit my hand better. I'm tired of hand fatigue while surfing trying to grab onto a huge mouse. My sig other HATES using my computer because he says everything is munchkin sized. ROFL!
    • I'm yet to get a smaller mouse, but clearly that's a thing I'd like on my wish-list. There are some insanely small ones in the computer shops on TCR (that's Tottenham Court Road, London, where you can buy all sorts of computery bits, not you per se, because you're in america and they cost more here because they have to make them in left hand drive or something...), which make you go looking for the oompa loompas.

      Rather a munchkin than a midget.
  • Oooh, that is so pretty! Even I want one and I'm totally happy with my laptop keyboard (apart from the R and Y keys which have to be pressed extra hard since I ripped them out in a fit of rage some time last year... seriously *g*)

    PS I caught sight of John Barrowman on the BBC news this evening. They were interviewing Rob Lowe and he was standing next to him... (Is it worrying that this was enough to make me happy?)
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