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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

The BBD Strikes!

The BBD Strikes!

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hugh house
I ended up for reasons that are too complicated to explain at this juncture, but involve the dosk and his dvd burner of doom, on the downstairs computer.

I wandered off to get juice and the bbd decided to read my screen, which was on lysistrah's Family Holiday, the latest part to be exact, and was reading through the header information.

"Graphic Sex and on a Family Holiday too..."

That rather put me off it for tonight, I can tell you. Sorry, Lys, I get through that later.

But at least it wasn't slash, or pointedly my slash.
  • Oh my! I knew I needed a new title for this series,and this just cinches it.

    The "Family Holiday" was Passover - Magneto & Mystique's excuse to speak to their assorted (and unrelated) kids. It honestly hadn't occurred to me how the X rating and graphic sex warning would look on a story that still had that title. No wonder the comments are quiet! I'd be scared away from that image, too! *shudder*

    Sorry about freaking your folks. :/
    • The BBD already thinks I'm quite freaky enough, and I know about his dubious paperbacks.

      Honestly I'm "disturbed and disturbing" in the fatherly lexicon.
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