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Dream A Little Rec Of Me

First, we have some X-men recs:

jbmcdragon (who actually writes mindblowing sensible stuff too btw) has Pete Wisdom And Moira Mactaggart On A Romantic Date, which will crack the sides of anyone even faintly fond of these characters and/or Excalibur. papajoemambo, you should go and read this now.

I've always wanted to rec A Demon In My View, but can't because bamfchickie took down every copy and jumped up and down on them before giving them to her squidlet to make collages with, and now, there's The Project What Ate DIMV! Okay, the first chapter of Queen Of Coins is up The Nine Of Wands do the whole bamfchickie marvelously researched (did I mention that the Libster actually speaks Romani?) rollercoaster ride treatment on an updating of Kurt's origin story. Woot!

I also have to recommend Libs for one of the best X-men writing resources out there, A Real Country Southerner's Guide to Writing Rogue, which actually explains everything and emo Romy(that's Rogue/Remy) brats the interwub over need to be made to read it before they ever clog up again.

Oh, and everyone has to read the Shi'ar Coffee Story by Alicia Mackenzie. Cable, alien coffee, happy happy joy joy. I, hell, quote
A gun would be a good thing to have. After all, whoever would steal a coffeemaker was more dangerous than Stryfe, Sinister and Apocalypse all put together. Someone like that should be shot on sight.

Shot on sight like a rabid canine.

Shot on sight like a rabid, ugly canine.

Shot on sight like a rabid, ugly canine that was giving your purebred toy poodle a lustful look and doing obscene things to your leg--

This was going to be a multifandom recs post, but it's keeping me away from the eighty lines of fricking Tibullus I need to do for tomorrow and all that jazz...

...and if I lock it to finish up later something can and will go wrong with LJ, so that's B A D.

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