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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?



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hugh house
papajoemambo is my favourite Canadian ever. Even more so that Paul Gross.

Joe, read this as that the packege of mystery arrived safely and made my day 100% better.
  • Want to come to tea @3:30?

  • This makes me 100% happy.

    This also makes me 300% happy that I didn't decide on fancy-schmancy shipping that would have literally doubled the cost and not gotten it to you any faster.

    Let me know what you thought of LIVEWIRES and FRANKLIN RICHARDS:SOAG- I have your RUNAWAY books sequestered somewhere in the mound-of-four-colour reading that is my apartment.

    • Livewires really quite rocked my socks. It was much better than I expected and I really quite liked Stem Cell, she was cute. Plus, the little ties into wider Marvel continuity were much appreciated, by me at least, not only did we get the Mannites (woot!), but we got the evil LMD doubles of Nicholas Fury.

      Franklin reminded me of the stuff I used to read when I was "ickle". Okay, I'm still ickle, but that's not the point.

      I've still got about half the package to read, as I'm trying to be sensible about this sort of stuff.

      Oh and I bought a copy of London's Dark dirt cheap last week. *grin*

      • YAY! What's London's Dark? BTW, New Excalibur is 100%-Chris-Claremont-trying-to-be-British (and includes Mister Wisdom).
        • London's Dark is a wonderful old British GN, about an Arp Warden who falls in love with a psychic in WWII. It's a ghost story/horror story. My edition has an intro by Warren of Ellis. It came out originally with the same publisher (and at the same time as) Violent Cases (which I also love). Sadly, both the people who did it have long since left the comics field for more profitable areas.

          I am currently very tempted by a half price DR & Quinch TPB at Forbidden Planet. But I am resisting. It's also on a shelf seven feet up, which is seriously helping with the resistance thing.

          Oooh goody!

          • Ah - I remember London's Dark now.

            "DR & Quinch" wasn't all that funny to me, but might be moreso for you because its drenched in UK-ishness. The art is fun in a Davis-being-har-har kinda way.

            • I find DR and Quinch very funny, but part of that is that I do the whole 2000ad black humour thing, I just can't buy the flipping comic every week (and the monthly specials and...) so I live vicariously in the trades. Davis. Art. The two go together so very well.

              *wonders why she hasn't got a DR and Quinch icon*
              • Thinkink erf Yewwwr...

                Image hosted by Photobucket.com

                Image hosted by Photobucket.com

                Image hosted by Photobucket.com

                Image hosted by Photobucket.com

                Image hosted by Photobucket.com

                Image hosted by Photobucket.com

                • Re: Thinkink erf Yewwwr...

                  Oh joy! And I love that top picture. They'd better start republished MM soon 9and stop bickering), or I'm going to start running around London shouting Kitoma! just to see what happens. MarvelMaid anyone?
                  • Re: Thinkink erf Yewwwr...

                    Just make sure you're not standing next to any petrol when you do say your One Special Word, or peopel will think there's been another terrorist thingie...
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