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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

dS drabble: Proper

dS drabble: Proper

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hugh house
Hey, remember Procedure, the death!fic drabble from hell? It now has a prequel, Proper, which might explain what's going on some. It looks like it muight be one of those long stories told in little drabbles. Angst ahoy, everyone!


He has done something totally improper.

Constable Farquahson looked so terribly like Ray that it hurt, though his blond-brown hair could never be called dirty and was neatly installed beneath his Stetson.

And he should have ignored it, persevered through it, requested a new posting with only snow to look upon until it once again became his sole love.

He wants to talk to his father, but he is gone. His odd combination of wisdom, experience, and sheer bloody-mindesness would have been a great help now.

He has nobody else to talk to. There is nobody else who might understand.
  • Meep! Why can't he talk to Ray about it? Ray would understand (Ray's not dead, right?)
    • No, the problem's that Ray is unrequited lust object number one, and he was sublimating onto Farquahson. Trust me, if I do this as a sequence, it will all become clearer.
      • Ah. See I got the sublimating onto Farquahson, but I thought maybe he couldnt have Ray cos something terrible had happened. I'm not sure if I prefer Ray dead or not interested. It's all most confusing on my brain :)
        • He's neither dead nor not interested, the problem is that Fraser has convinced himself that he should not act upon his feelings for Ray and does not even entertain that they might be reciprocated. This is a very sad and not exactly self-absorbed, more like socially and emotionally terrified Benton. I've got the feeling this might be the basis for my Ben-backstory.
  • I was thinking the same thing as torak but i see your reply on there.
    • Trust me, if I give into my rather peculiar ideas to run this into a series, all will become clear, if angst-filled.
  • Knowing what little I know about dS, but knowing what I know about Canadian culture...

    Is Constable Farquahson at all based on Don Harron's long-existing character Charlie Farquahson? Do you know who Charlie Farquahson is?

    I have a feeling that dS may have gotten waaaaaaaaay more Canadian than you may know by floating out a reference that is so silly, but only in ways that a Canadian would understand, as a means of simultaniously revereing something while taking the piss out of it at the same time.

    Next thing is a cross-dressing single-father neighbour with a son named Casey who has a dog named Finnegan.

    I'm stupified, overjoyed, but stupified.

    • I really really want to say yes, but no, I just like the sound of it.

      I know about the Canadian name thing, but self-made examples may be a bit thin on the ground. On the tv we got Louise St Laurent and Maggie MacKenzie for starters...

      I think we chalk this up to serrendipity, that or I'm becoming more canadian by osmosis.

      • I'll elaborate on this sometime soon - there is something INNATELY Canadian about a character named Farquahson - similar to having a Canadian write a story set in England and co-incidentally setting it in a department store named Grace Brothers with staff named Humphries, Slocombe and Peacock (as I said - I believe it was co-incidence, but its an odd one).

        Maybe you were Canadian in a past life...?

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