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Fan Fiction: Cravings

I've gone and done another darn fic. You'll be glad to know that this one is short. Dances around room. I've managed to do a short story! Woohoo!

Summary: Jean's got a craving for something to eat... But she won't give in, will she?

It was that time of the month again. That time of the month, when Jean always got those cravings; sharp, incessant cravings that tugged at her mind.

It was a good thing, she thought, that she was so powerful a telepath, that she had had so many years of training. Otherwise, she would have been broadcasting everywhere. An entire school consumed by that urge; desperate, ravenous children with power enough to crack the entire planet open.

Just a little wouldn’t hurt. It’d calm her down. Stop the craving dead.

Except she knew it wouldn’t, it was never enough. She always wanted more.

Well, she wouldn’t. She wouldn’t give in. Remind the craving who’s in charge. Think hard about something else. Scott. He’d been quite distant lately and she didn’t know why. She was trying so hard; trying so hard to reach him as he retreated inside himself. But she wasn’t going to give in to this craving, she wasn’t, he would find it even harder to love her again if she came in all fat and bloated, sated but indolent, and not the girl he fell in love with at all.

But then, she was hardly the carefree girl she once was.

It’s hardly as if anyone’s going to miss one tiny little planet.


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