little-b (buzzylittleb) wrote,

Try these, mondschein1.

Ye saga continueth"

First, this one, which I'm just putting up for show-and-tell really:

Note the weird effect on baby!Ray.

This one is closer to what I was aiming at (and probably better since it is less complicated and more pretty):

See? Better.
I do think front!Ray needs a little help. I want to keep him in colour and detailed, I just think the balance needs adjusting a bit.
That's eleven active layers in Photoshop and good half-dozen smooshed down ones.
*back to the homework, because I am not getting anywhere fast*

I so want to icon the Ray in the bottom left now.
Tags: birthday fiction, covers, due south, due south fanfiction, due south rec-age, fangirling, fangirling., iconage, manip, photoshop

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