little-b (buzzylittleb) wrote,

Icons: Dr Who batch twa

The b is once again in an iconning mood, largely because the_dosk (her little brother, who is much taller, new peeps) started getting curious about her Who!icons, and she got nervous and decided to make more.

So, shiny shiny icons (inc: Christmas Invasion) await thee!

ull to open

1_damn, forgot towel2_got towel?3_a ray gun is a boy's best friend
4_cucumber5_scarily buffy6_plain pyjammas one
7_stragely cliff richard8_ull to open9_plain pyjammas two

Thinking that David Tennant looks like Arthur Dent, Cliff Richard and Pete Wisdom all in one day is a bad sign, isn't it?
Tags: capt jack, david tennant, dr who, fangirling, fangirling., iconage, iconpost, icons
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