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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

This is the second day for snow. Just so you know, bbd hates…

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hugh house
This is the second day for snow.

Just so you know, bbd hates christmas and snow.
  • Eeee! Snow!

    We've had a barely-there covering in the mornings, but it's pretty much all gone by now :(
    • We're under four inches of the sodding stuff, probably five by now.
      • Wow! (Sorry, I love snow..!) I bet Durham's got loads by now *grumbles*

        Oh, and I will get to your fic this evening, promise :)
        • Like I said, I like snow, snow in London is fun, snow in Dover ain't.

          Don't fret overmuch. I know it needs quite a bit of work.

  • You're going to have to work on your snow-loathing if you're ever to be declared an honourary Canuck, lil Rach.

    ...And its no surprise your Dad hates it - I rather suspect he hates most stuff...
    • You've got to understand, Joe, that here 5in is considered a seriously appocalyptic amount of snow. I think snow is very pretty, but my toes are currently very very numb.

      ...he had to clear the car off.

      • Ah and ah - I understand now.

        When you see an *actual* amount of snow as compared to what we call a "dusting" then you'll acclimatize.

        Oh, saw the Christmas Invasion - was overjoyed to see that this Doctor includes show-tunes.
        • What you call a dusting is what the British press calls "snow chaos" and "blizzards hit britain!"

          The amount of "snow" at the end of the Christmas Invasion is a tad more normal.

          But then any snow kills London dead, which is fun. Being stuck in Dover ain't. Though unusually we got into the news minus all the usual unemployment/violence/emigration headlines, sadly it was "major routes into Dover port closed".

          • I think you should be on MSN now, but that might just be me being me.

            And we've had our own fair share of embarrassing snow-related headlines in Toronto - particularly about 4 years ago when the standing mayor had forgotten to budget for snow plows, faced a snow storm and had to call in the army to start shovelling - no joke.

            He's not mayor any more.

            • *laughs at your ex-mayor*

              • Many did.

                He was the former owner and public face for a local furniture store chain. He was publicly humiliated by Jon Stewart on 3 different occasions on The Daily Show.

                That's the sort of thing that Canadians agree with tacitly, then dispose of the embarrassing party once the first opportunity arises.

                Mel Lastman - gone and forgotten.
    • Now that is almost Fraser annecdote worthy.

      I wrote for a secret santa this year, few seem to appreciate my glorious vision, I will link it on my LJ as soon as the rules permit, I think you will appreciate the magical realism aspects more.
    • Joe,
      this is a normal amount of snow:
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