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Icons! Dr Who Icons! Rose! Jack! Dr 9! Dr 10! Kissing! Monsters!

Samples here:
8__little girl lost7__jack vetriano style, almost

1__are you my mummy?2__dancing3__cute
4__everybody hurts5__hell, nurse6__hell, nurse 2
7__jack vetriano style, almost8__little girl lost9__lost 2
10_love is death11_love is... oh you know12_yummy mummy
13_breath mints please14_fangirl115_fangirl2
16_tentacles17_brave new world18_bnw219_thunbs blank20_thumbs text

You comment, you take, you credit. Alles einfach!

Oh and is it me or does Billie look particuarly Lalla-like in 17/18?
(Lalla Ward, FYI, played Romana 2 and is notably the only woman for whom I would go and play for the other team. Particularly if she's wearing the school uniform from City Of Death, why did mine never look like that?)
Tags: capt jack, david tennant, dr who, fangirling, fangirling., iconage, iconpost, icons, photoshop, squee, x-men fanfiction

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