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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?



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hugh house
Bad News For Region One Fans Of New Who: it looks like you won't be getting your disks for your valentine.
  • HMMph...

    Commentary tracks and extra features aside, they've got to know that they're basically BEGGING people to bootleg the damned things now... they *must*.

    Either that or they're expecting those of us with Region Free DVD players (and there are a bloody lot of us) to buy them straight from BBC.

    Either way its a pain in my ass.

  • Re: HMMph...

    They've been begging people to bootleg the stuff ever since they failed to get us broadcast sorted. I mean, the great and the good do it! (okay, neil gaiman and peter david, cloe enough)

    you know there's a goodies dvd out there, right? I think it's region free too...

    Poor donkey.
    • YERGH!

      There's a Region Free Goodies DVD out?

      I just grabbed my chest over my heart, here...

      (THE GOODIES were a formitive influence for me. I knew who Tim Brooke Taylor was before I knew who Margaret Thatcher was...).
      • Re: YERGH!

        Yes, I think the distributor is Network DVD. Anywhich ways it's the same people who are bringing out Due South over here come the end of the month.

        There was a reunion/clip show over christmas.

        You know, they don't repeat it on this side of the pond?

        "I'm a tim brooke taylor, I wear a tim brooke hat, and if you say, that timbo's gay, he'll hit you with his bag!"
        • Re: YERGH!


          I recently watched the "AT LAST THE 1948 SHOW" series best-of DVD that was released over here and Tim was prominantly featured on that show - he was in the original "Four Yorkshiremen" sketch (that was later repeated in Python) with John Cleese, Graham Chapman, and Marty Feldman.

          Wow- the GOODIES. I liked Bill Oddie too - Graham Gardiner never cut it for me, but I have a feeling I'd like him much more now that I've re-appreciated the role of the straight-voice in comedy. We only had The Goodies over here when it was in its initial syndication run. I remember the Punk Rock episode clearly and having NOTHING to relate it to at the time, being 10 years old and Punk not having broken yet over here at the time unless you were in High School and in "the Know".

          • Re: YERGH!

            My mximum Goodies exposure has probably been to Tim and Graeme on Sorry, I haven't a clue on radio 4. At one point I thought I got the rules to Mornington Cresent. And even then I have a massive urge to scream Mornington Cresent every time my tube goes through there. But acting like a psycho on the tube? Not a good idea.

            I think they maintain that Bill was the straight man, while Graeme was the chameleon, being whatever the plot required.

            You know, I had both the Goodies books at home?

    • I have *one* of the GOODIES books, I'm not sure which.

      The kitten on the moon episode comes to mind, as well as the episode where they have to breed the last Male Rolf-Harris with the last Female Rolf-Harris to perpetuate the species (who comes from Tasmania, in a crate), but Tim leaves them alone too long in the room and there's a spawn of Rolf-Harrises threatening to devour all of England... until the three Goodies dress up like the Pied Piper and lead them into the sea... except for the one little lame Rolf Harris at the end of the lemming-line ("I'm Jake the Peg, diddle-diddle-diddle-um, with an extra leg.. diddle-diddle-diddle-um).

      yeah - loved The Goodies.

      • Joe, look at my last post. You may have salvation on the DVD front.

        Plus envangelising the yankees has just got easier.

        • Yes and yes. And the Amazon.Ca listing is still for the 14th of Feb - which means eitherthey're lazy (always possible) or we'll still have it in stores here by that date.

    • Re: YERGH!

      Bill had a certain kinda "Lemme make this gadget for you!" goofiness as well.

  • Re: HMMph...

    Looks at subject line with last comment's icon.

    Heh, sound effects!
    • Re: HMMph...

    • Re: HMMph...

      Have you even approached LOST yet?

      I think it will have an effect on how you write fic..

      I printed out a mess of your fic, hun (yay- Manager bought ink!)- so my much promised critiques will be around eventually.

      My latest obsession (to the point of registering an LJ group for it already) is THIS ONE HERE. You'll hear more from me about that on Wednesday. Download the theme song for shits & giggles. I especially like the Roll Call at the end.

      (Yes, I'm already hoarding Elsa Bloodstone materials for you)

      • Re: HMMph...

        No, but my mother has. Honestly, tv access in student land equals erratic. Plus modernity + rachel = does not compute out of cheese error. Honestly, you're talking to csomebody who spent her vac watching the avengers on bbc4.

        For some reason, it doesn't really appeal much.

        Oooh critiques!

        I really ought to dl that theme song, shouldn't I?
        • Re: HMMph...

          I really think you'd like the NEXTWAVE theme for its pseudo-Hair Rock excesses. The business with Dick Anger and the way he eats dinner as he's barking at the new recruits makes me too too happy. The "You Make Me Grin" grin on Aaron's face in the last scripted panel as he looks up at Monica gives one the feeling that Old Dirty Bastard and Stuart understand that people want a group of peopel who like each other as well as things exploding and Underwear-Monsters in two-issue arcs. All of this bodes very well.

          Which seasons of Avengers were they - who was Steed paired off with?

          I was rather learish of getting myself involved with another continued-story-episodic-show-that-seems-to-be-deliberately-weird-to-keep-interest-up(but-that-trick-never-works), but LOST won me over about mid-way through the pilot episodes.. there's a charm to this one, kind of.
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