January 5th, 2005

hugh house

Today (boring huh?)

Today was rather dull.

Dad is playing with the new cordless phone: he thinks it's the bees-knees. He's very like me when he gets something new, he wants to show it to everybody.

Did some more reading on the monster essay, but not as much as I should.

Going to have to get up early tomorrow for possibility of a haircut. Before 8. Zoiks! Thanks a bunch, dad.

Body clock went besserk last night, which is why I'm exhausted today. It was one of those too-out-of-it-for-words pointless drifting days.

Did get some more of Movie Night done. It was meant to be short...
...but it's now about six pages long and still not finished. O knickers! It should be very funny and has a lot of "character building" dialogue and it defies description.

Dad's just read this and has been making disparaging comments. Whatever he says, he does really like the new cordless phone.
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hugh house

Fan Fiction: Movie Night

Just what you've (probably not) been waiting for! My latest attempt at Fanfiction! I still can't write short stories to save my life. It's one of those talky/character things but with my twisted mind thrown into the mix.
I was under the influence of a lot of caffine when I thought a big chunk of this up. It was one of those stupid ideas you get in the wee small hours, which promptly wouldn't let me alone

So here's the blurb.
Movie Night
An Apollo And The Midnighter story.
The boys decide to spend a night in watching Apollo's Prisoner DVDs but it all goes pear shaped when they find Angie has left something else in the box. It's the Authority, so I think you can kind of guess the sort of DVD was in the box... It all seemed such a good idea at the time.

Rated R for language, bootleg Authority merch and blue movies with a surprising moustache famine.

Apollo and The Midnighter are gay and very much in love, so if you don’t like that sort of thing I suggest you run away very fast before the Midnighter finds out…
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You do know I dig reviews?
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