March 27th, 2005

hugh house

Bye Bye London!

I'm no longer resident in the dorm of doom! Alas! Alack! No more comics on a quick jaunt from my doorstep! No more late night food shopping! More to the point, my friends are there and I'm here.

Where's here exactly?

Dover. My incredibly exciting hometown. The quit-college-and-get-my-life-back-together-then-go-back-in-september-and-retake plan is underway.

My parents are wonderful. The food is better.

The dorm of doom is stuck in a thousand and one boxes in my bedroom which anxiously need sorting out.

No, I haven't seen the new Who yet. I'm trying not to mention it. My brother (hereafter known as the Dosk) didn't stop talking about it all weekend and now I think my mother has suffered a massive overdose (the fact that on saturday he watched the who-athon on Sky and then the new episode and then Dr Who Confidential on BBC 3... and did pretty much the same last weekend... and has been using his nifty computer modelling skills to build daleks, K9s etc... and really won't stop talking about it)