April 20th, 2005

hugh house

Attack Of The Plot Bunnies From Space

Another unproductive day on the fic front. I'm too tired.

Why tired? Might have something to do with insomnia and accompanying plot bunnies:
1) Nice chunks of NNW - the Vecchio segment.
2) Suddenly working out how to make my nascessent Pete Wisdom story work.
3) An urge to write Alasdair Stuart (he was in Marvel's Excalibur) a story called "Another England", which would have been angsterific.
4) A distubing and unnatural urge to do Alasdair/Pete. shadowkitty might just kill me for messing with her man.

And then today, while I vegged from semi-resultant migraine:
1) Working out how to do over my stalled A/M (I mentioned it to flying_anteater and bam! more plot bunnies.

Grrr... kill the plot bunnies. But I have made my mother happier about my writing. David's computer magazine has a comp with prizes! And I think I do silly, juvenile, and innuendo laden rather well.
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hugh house

And I thought the happy happy joy joy quotinent would't rise

Uncanny X-men 462:

Yeah! The Marvel Multiverse is back! And Captain Britain! It looks like the opposite sex reality is back! And Mad Jim Jaspers!

Or maybe Jim has just turned the chapesses into chaps. Oh and Jim should be dead, of course. Is Jamie Braddock messing with reality again?

Old school Excalibur/Captain Britain fangirl whigs out.

There are whole buncha House of M solicitations ocer at Comics Continuum

Including that issue of New Mutants, Northstar fans.
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