June 9th, 2005

hugh house

How To Wash A Car

The BBD has been washing the car again with the pressure washer.

Good News: not in scuba diving suit

Bad News: in swimming trunks and his "happiness is a wet beaver" t-shirt instead.

Really Bad News: there is a bus stop at the end of the garden

Ergo: lots of people going "nah, it can't say that". Probably.

And now for other news.
1) I still feel lousy.
2) I now have a dictionary that runs on my little box of computational joy. Oxford Dictionary a go go! Unlike Word's dictionary, it recognises chiasmus and toque and sundry other b-words.
hugh house

Sort-Of Fic notice: And janne saw her present, and saw that it was good. (And some b-angst)

On, the up front, Janne has emerged and encountered her birthday present, so feel free to dekko it, if you haven't already, or loan my ego a review, if you have.

It's here and it's a totally silly bucket-load of Fraser/Kowalski and it reassuringly met with the birthday girl's approval.

*Thinks, three birthdays this month, I think this translates as busy time*

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