June 25th, 2005

hugh house

Too much time on my hands?

Fraser's llama case is gone.

Vive the amazing phasing kitty pryde.

Okay, it's gratuitous, but I did this one all on my ownsome. And the results are vaguely decent.


Will finally travel in new car this afternoon. BBD says I need a stepladder to get in. Grrr...
hugh house

Do You Get The Feeling...

...that Lord Warren Of Ellis doesn't like memes and wants to discourage his Filthy Assistants from doing them...

Shamelessly gacked from http://warrenellis.com, home of possibly the one person more disturbed and disturbing than me (or is that Alan Moore).

Children of the North West Territories, Warren Ellis is a very successful and cool comic book writer, I once threatened/offered/don'tknow to give him panties.

He can be very weird at times, but then I liked the scene with the man giving birth to lizards.

I so need that quote. *curses absence of comic books"

"I'm gay, pregnant, and about to give birth to thousands of lizards" I think. He later used it as a shove-off line on Spider Jerusalem (who doesn't get laid much...)