July 28th, 2005

hugh house


The b, she now have less hair. About four inches less to be accurate, it's now above my shoulders and in the same perpetual side parting as ever.

(got it cut at the BBD's barbers, which is really unglam, but when cutting, or buzzing, whatever three sets of heads comes to twenty-four pounds and somebody else is paying, you don't moan)

What really gets me though, is all you people with baeutiful curly hair who use straighteners on it 24-7. Here are a few home truths. I have perfectly poker straight hair and can do nothing with it. It doesn't hold any volume, it doesn't backcomb, it's too heavy to put up and the scrunchies hair clips etc can't get a grip anyway. So what is so fricking great about straightening your hair (and worse still, putting skeevy blonde hilights in it?)?

The only thing I really like about my do-nothing hair is the colour, since nobody can decide what it is. Mumness is convinced for some strange reason that it's strawberry blonde, I'm not. And Lorna, the barber-hairdresser lady of Temple Ewell, agrees with me it's going dark at the roots.

I fear I am turning into the BBD. I really am. His hair went dark at about my age too.

And now he barely has any at all.
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Home Sweet Home (huh.)

I thought I'd give all you lads and lasses, the chance to look at my skeey dump charming historic hometown.
Probably the world's prettiest webite about Dover, it's prettier than Dover at any rate and is a testament to all the pretty that got bombed or bulldozed to make way for the ugly

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Here are all the bits that went boom 50 odd years ago. We still have bomb sites round here, they just concreated the massive one at St Jame's over and called it a car park. It has bits of fricking wall sticking out of it, and may well rip the petrol tank off the bottom of your fine automobile.

Was reading the local paper today and one thing struck me:
1. Andy's dive boat has once again got somebody with the bends on it.
2. (so there were two things, so?) The number of job advertisements and classified ads have gone down, but the number of "ladies" offering "discrete massage services for the discerning gentleman" have gone through the roof, they're managing four columns. There are none for seconf hand books. My, what a thriving economy we've got.
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hugh house

New Mutants

If you didn't know, New Mutants Are Love.

(and b is more than a little spaced/bored and compromised on the rainbow look for the sake of Sienkiewicz.

For those not in the know, it goes:

Wolfsbane, Warlock, Cypher, Magic, Magma, Cannonball, Mirage, Sunspot
Rahne, Warlock, Doug, Illyana, Amara, Sam, Dani, Roberto