September 17th, 2005

hugh house

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Is back from Spain, reports will follow and a scan of my close encounter of the giraffe kind should hopefully follow that too.

Meantime, I should really get off my little black box of happiness, since brain beginning to send out ouchy-ouchy-hurty-hurty signals.

But I have LJ to catch up on, and my f-list, and all the fic out there, and doing the fic I was meant to write but didn't.

Hugs to everyone who congratualated me on the twety-second anniversary of my continued existance. Twenty-two already sucks.
hugh house

A brief guide to my life...

...because I've suddenly realise that there are new people on my f-list since ages, who probably don't know a bbd from a bvd.

And the bbd is so not a handy piece of underwear.


The bbd is the big bad daddy. Simple. Scarilly like me, except for the major fanfic habit and the fact that I can spell and have decent writing.

The dosk is my little (18 and approx 6-7in taller) brother. Likes: computers and robots and interesting facts. Has an LJ, the_dosk. Has a joint problem of deep mysteriousness and doesn't really move fast.

Mumness, the only sensible person in my immediate family. Currently bemoaning my lack of maturity. She's my mum. Surprise, surprise.

I think that's primer enough for me rabbiting on, university bods and places will be introduced as soon as I get back there.