November 8th, 2005

hugh house

Things needled me

Still back in Dover, before you ask.

Had my dose of needles today. originalkitsune, Dr Stellon is a segmental triggerpoint accupuncturist, and I can now turn my neck this far *demonstrates*, which is much much better, he also says please don't chew him out. There was a conversation on how I know a accupuncturist from Austin, Texas and bbd told him that I wrote fiction on the net. Stellon asked whether he featured horribly in any of them (I am not fond of sharp objects being stuck anywhere least of all my neck), and I joked about Dr Stellon-stein. Thing is, he's now all like "please, write me a story" and like the bbd, he's one of those people who it is hard to work out when to take him seriously.

So, neck works. Yay! This is majorly good. And only one follow-up this time.

Also, I found out why my Yellow Ecco Trainers let in the water. The souls have perished, result: footwear famine. We tried some of the shops in Doskland (dosk is fairly well and eating Doskland Uni out of house and home as we speak), but basically there were some problems in getting shoes that
  • fit wide uk size three feet
  • support my rotten ankles
  • are waterproof
  • don't cost £££££

So, that sucked, since I can't do little strappy things or big floppy boots (I have, uh, generous calves) that barely tie up. Somehow, Dover came to the rescue (uh?) and I now possess, because bbd was feeling super-extra generous and then some, two new pairs of boots. They're Eccos again (because Eccos rock and fit) and one pair are grey-blue barely ankle boots with elastic sides, which are very comfy, and the other are a pair of psuedo-hiking boots, which hold my bloody ankles in position. So *wearing new boots to get them worn in*.

Also, went to a Chinese in Doskland. it had really ickle portions and I ended off scrounging all the left over veggies. Everyone thought me eating veggies was a novelty. *sigh* Need to stop the proliferation of Cabbage in the Dorm Of Reasonable Comfort, and encourage them to do panfried leeks again. Mmmmm... leeks.
hugh house

Frustrating Brit News for dS bunnies

Hmm.. mumness was flicking through Sky last night.

Artsworld have Slings and Arrows.

Artsworld is sub only, and I do not pay for the Sky. That and I'm at college minus Sky most of the time.


On bright side, triedc to explain it to mumness as "Black books meets Shakespearian Act-ors". I'm not sure how accurate that was (somebody tell me) but I think it got the idea across.