November 11th, 2005

hugh house

Song Of The Heir Of Destiny Part Sixth: Vacant Possession

I should be doing my homework, really really should.

This is not even the Nightcrawler story I planned (and have been planning for quite some time) to write. I was hoping on more vampire!kurt, instead you get the next ickle part of the AU I thought had stalled forever.

It's The Song Of The Heir Of Destiny time again!

omg! savemenow!

If you thought the narrative technique in the previous instalments was odd... if youwere one of the select few to read the previous instalments)... it's got majorly odder. I think we can establish that the narrative is an omnipotent schizo who isn't telling you what is going on. If god played dice, you're just rolled a seven...

So, yeah, summary: freaked out AU Priest Nightcrawler, having been dragged off to Limbo by the Amanda version of Magik, has just tranced out and his hands just keep on putting down those damned infernal tarrot cards.

And yes, I got the tarrot motif before Aguire-Sasca (no I can't spell him) did, which might show how long it's been a WIP.

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hugh house

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If the ficaletto done instead of the crazy-crazy deadlinealicious schoolwork didn't give me away, I am back in London.

Be afraid, be very afraid.
hugh house


Apologies (or however you spell it) for unintentional f-list spammage. The backdate function and yours truly had a falling out, while I tried to stick some old fic stuff in LJ format (in the hope that somebody would read it, even to tell me I'm 57 varieties of nuts).


So, yeah, the whole of Song Of The Heir of Destiny is now in LJ land and linked on my X-fic page.