December 21st, 2005

hugh house

Merry Christmas, miriel

mardahin has been playing santa and now I have more icons and paid time than anybody could possibly desire (almost).

In the last week or so, she requested an icon of "Caffeina, Goddess Of Caffeine" to lighten her work-a-day burden. And here it is:

caffeina, goddess of caffeine

PS is playing sillies and won't let me letter it in anything smaller than around 36px (which it claims is 6), so the lettering will have to live in your memory, or you could extend Caffeina's remit to hot beverages in general.
hugh house

Icons: Dr Who batch twa

The b is once again in an iconning mood, largely because the_dosk (her little brother, who is much taller, new peeps) started getting curious about her Who!icons, and she got nervous and decided to make more.

So, shiny shiny icons (inc: Christmas Invasion) await thee!

ull to open

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Thinking that David Tennant looks like Arthur Dent, Cliff Richard and Pete Wisdom all in one day is a bad sign, isn't it?