January 15th, 2006

hugh house

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What do Canadians actually think of the Lumberjack Song?


Please can I kill the little fucking wanker (yeah. oxymoron, with emphasis on moron) who got a keyboard/organ for christmas? They only know how to play one song and they play it again and again and again. Like for an hour at a time. At like 9pm and 11pm.

Oh, and I want to put that guitar where the sun doesn't shine. And I do not mean the NWT or Tierra del Feugo. *scowls*


*oh, it's Oliver Cromwell now. wishes she had it when she was doing A-level history*

It's actually very good if you want to do the Civil Wars.
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hugh house


I am furiously busy trying to clear the nightmare essay of doom. Thus, I am not around as much as you might otherwise like, and am going to be somewhat tardy in responding to comments.

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Erm, everyone else? Talk amongst yourselves. Soon there will be icon fests (dS, ckr, and hcl - not hydrochloric acid) and possibly fic.
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hugh house

*kill* *kill* *kill*

Somebody's going to die tonight.

Well, okay. The idiot with the damn keyboard?

At least four practice sessions today.

One of which lasted the entire duration of both Monty Python Sings and Ziggy Stardust.

*fantasies of beating said idiot with said keyboard*'

And on cue, here we go again...

Still trying to type my way thru the doom essay btw. Why did nobody ever tell me that it is so much easier to read when Word's set to blue background/white text? Particularly since my cieling light died yesterday and I'm typing by desk lamp light.
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