January 30th, 2006

hugh house

Random Who-ness

Everyone with a hormonal zen for John Barrowman go here

I have never been more tempted to text my landline

This spam is courtesy of Gallifrey One, where they have the schedule for the US New Who premiere on SciFi up.

ETA: (courtesy of the same site and the Daily Star)
Meanwhile, their Who pal Captain Jack, alias Dancing on Ice star John Barrowman, 38, has bought G-strings for all the blokes on the show. The cheeky gay actor snapped up the skimpy undies so the guys could let their lunch boxes 'breathe more easily' as they skate around in tight leotards. His saucy secret was revealed by Bill actor and fellow skater Stefan Booth, 26, who let slip: 'John has bought all the lads G-strings to help make it easier for us to be flexible!'" Can you say free publicity...?