March 4th, 2006

hugh house

AFK Again

I am home with the parents again:
  1. I hate commuting
  2. I really hate commuting
  3. I really hate commuting when it turns into national push in front of short people day
  4. Did I mention that it took over an hour to get from Russel Sqr to platform six, Victoria train station?
  5. Or that people keep pushing in front of me?
  6. Or that they've replaced the old "press three buttons" machines at Victoria with extra complicated touch screen versions that some people (mostly those with limited english or tech-savvy) found impossible to operate?
  7. Or that I really hate commuting.

On the bright side, I spent 10 minutes playing paper aeroplanes with a little girl at Dover Priory station.

Oh, and according to the Daily Mail, newfoundlers call moose antlers a "rack", can we see the potential for humourous misunderstanding.

I still hate my brain, btw. It's still mutual and very damn sore. It killed my studies for the past two days. Grrr...

They're repeating the Goodies tonight at 7ish on BBC2.

I'm getting nagged to get on with my schoolwork. I want to keel over.

Fannish To Do:
  1. Read all the stuff that turns up on f-list when I'm home
  2. Write entry for RayK97s before the 20th.
  3. Write the emails I'm owing people
  4. Make Lozenger8 a copy of her ds_recs icon, this will have to wait 'til I'm back with my macchine, and not on dad's. That's Tuesday btw.
  5. ETA: finish c_regalis's rps spectacular I started writing in comments last weekend-ish, because everyone needs more pervy Paul/Callum/Dean rodeo action. No, I can't believe I wrote that, either.
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