April 28th, 2006

hugh house

Fic Announcement: House Rules, how they help and hinder positive social behaviours.

I wrote a Sentinel fic and posted it somewhere other than my journal.

I fear my nerves will never recover.

Really. Not helped by being a gibbering wreck before I saw the damn prompt and effluviated 1000 words of something resembling slash.

House Rules, how they help and hinder positive social behaviours.
Unrequited Blair/Jim
966 words
Pg-13 stroke R for rating
No wonderburgers harmed in the writing of this fic

I think my portrayal is a little less soft and fluffy than some I've seen out there. Why am I now dallying around the edges of the more irrational sort of fandom?
hugh house


I finally have a Sentinel icon to go with the little Sentinel ficlets and stuff. *points to icon* Jim's happily zoning. He's about to be run over by a truck and he DOES NOT CARE because he's watching the pretties.

Many thanks to grey853 for showing me where there are new and shiny DVD caps.

I'm not sure whether I should thank joandarck and bluebrocade, I think I caught it off them.

Other news: my penguin is flat, I haven't had much sleep and I do a good impersonation of an irish nun in a sex shop*

Also: noise. Stoppit. Furthermore: library wants to charge me for the book they sodding lost. Grr.

*not my idea, shadowkitty's.
MOTHER SUPERIOR B: do you have any videos with nuns in them? I'm buying them for the sisters, for recreation.
MOTHER SUPERIOR B: they haven't had anything to do, and the table tennis table is broken
MOTHER SUPERIOR B: And I don't know what Sister Magdalene has been doing with the bats, but they're quite broken too.
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Something is wrong in my head (and not the usual)

Okay, yes the usual is happening, plus I had a horrid crash thing last night. But also I am having strange and unexpected thoughts:

I was watching looking through screencaps of 102: Siege and thinking towards the end, these could be the pictures to some weird slashy arranged marriage AU. Especially with crazy-blows-things-up-guy's body language with Blair. Does this mean Blair's easy, that crazy guy is indeed crazy, or that Blair's absentee father actually sold off his son's hand in marriage to the highest bidder and then all they had to do was go get Blair. And they waited for Blair and Jim to be seperated before they made their move, didn't they? And there were the interesting faces Blair was making in the bathroom, how do they fit in?

Other news: please will somebody other than Joan read my Sentinel story?

Other other news: I considered buying Maire Claire today. I would see that as a sign of turning normal, except I was interested in Men Who Have Sex With Dolls.

Other ews: Dairy Milk now comes with Creme Egg flavour filling. Urgh.

Other chews: but I don't care I have fruit salad, sadly I have no Americans to feed them to.
hugh house

HCL rec

You seen hcl_fic yet? Two down, ten to go. I'm sure they're all brilliant, but this one blew me away:

(Perspective's a Bitch) Negative Feed.

You expect a sort of behind the music on post-HCL Billy and Jennifur. Instead you get a love story to blow your brains out. It's wonderful and fantastic and real. And Billy has everything to live for, almost.

Oh, and it's a clever title and a clever style and everything's so fucking clever.