June 24th, 2006

hugh house


...sucked eggs.
  1. Took abdominal pains to doctor, got poked, got worried doctor, worried doctor said "maybe ovarian cyst, I'm worried about rupture" and gave us thing for u/s scan, went to the charming environs of Dover Hospital (aka. please don't get sick on a cruise liner, we have no facilities and our only ward is for geriatric care) and met an asshole in X-ray, asshole dismissed "urgent!" as "doctor always writes urgent on things, no way jose, come back on the tenth of july", bbd kindly forebore handing him his head and asking where the heck his medical degree was, bbd decided to use up the last of my medical coverage under his insurance and take me to not so local private hospital for scan, got there, realised we had no 'script from doctor, sent bbd back to get it, got scanned, and... nada.

  2. The internet was dead

  3. Mumness and bbd have booked a holiday for two to somewhere hot and sunny.

I need to write _unhurt_ her Hugh dress porn sometime.

Fraser Bondage Gloves and Kink make my world so much a better place.
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hugh house


I am suffering from invisible comment emails. I.E I can't see them in my inbox. Not all the comments, just certain select tit-bits.

*attacks lj with the spork of doom*

They seem not so much lost as very "delayed"
hugh house

For _unhurt_ weird disturbing Hugh/Callum RPS

Callum/Hugh with dashes of Callum/Don and Don/Molly
(yes, it's Canadian Actor Incest!)
NC17 for _unhurt_ and hitting as many kinks as I can find. Oh, yeah, and there's a little black dress. And the ending can be considered... weird, okay, it's my way out of a weird situation, and how's that? With more weirdness.

I'm going with "Without A Sound" for a title.

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