August 15th, 2006

welsh: headdesk

HTML is on reflection, not the best thing to do...

...when recovering from a zombifying migraine of urk...

...but, then, migraine does nothing for my already low level of common sense.

  1. html-ified both my new dS stories
  2. posted them to webpage
  3. and due Slash (brownie points, please)
  4. html-ified my SGA fic...
  5. ...made a little banner graphic for the top...
  6. ...and written my first ever style sheet...
  7. now I have a misc section on the old web page

It just might have tipped me over the edge in the process, you can tell I'm not in great condition just because of the number of damn niggly mistakes I made and the number of reloads that got done (esp with due Slash, where I uploaded the wrong bloody files, twice) and everything involving that damn stylesheet.

Erm... I think my head hurts.

P.S. Firefox, don't spontaneously disappear on me when I minimise you, it creates much peeving, as I can't read Kellie Matthews and AuKestrel's new thing if you keep doing that. *needs to find place again*
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