September 9th, 2006

hugh house

Recs: Five Thing Fever

You know, the five things fever that's been going around lately:

fan_elune wrote me Five things Wash did with his plastic dinosaurs. I love number three.

And torakowalski wrote me Five pieces of information about the Ancients that Sheppard would like downloaded into his brain I love the image at the end of the ZPM bit (to say more would spoil it).

My right index finger hurts, so I'm off with typing as it is 1/4 off my typing ability and most of the keys seem to be the ones it does. You don't really think about these things do you?

Wrote a page of Death Is Just A Dream. I'm worried about my Jack (Harkness) voice. Though Jenny (Sparks) seems to be rocking, heh, "you think the universe has given you turd pancakes for breakfast, lunch and tea... come and tell your Auntie Jenny about it"

Oh, and the_dosk will be pleased to know that I've incorporated Jack Carter from Planetary, just not as well as I should. I don't want Jack to punch him in the bar, but part of me just wants a drag down fight. Problem being, well, everything. It doesn't really fit with the narrative structure (I'd say 80% of it is in place and written leaving the crucial epiphany scene, which is in (a) dreamtime (the Authority version, not the Planetary version)) I still want to get more Jenny though, preferably in a Union Jack minidress. /ficangst.

Okay, giving up typing and "watching" mtv now.

Before my finger drops off.

I might be back later.

Everything seems strangely empty without parents.