November 21st, 2006

hugh house


Brain hurts. Comments/replies tomorrow, probably after the thing with the career advisor lady (so I didn't tell you, but at the job fair of suck there were people from a scheme to help disabled/chronically ill people into work and... I signed up, okay? Maybe we can do something about my interview etc).

In other news, the f-list squee about Twitch City on DVD is making me, uh, twitchy. c_regalis and scriggle, I mean you.

Also, random thought of the (in bed with brane section of the) day:
Hugh composing little dyslexic haikus to Midori. She has a whole drawer full of them on cards, because he goes into florists and very carefully copies them off a bit of folded paper and sends her trees and plants. He thinks that sending flowers is cruel and kind of sad, because they die. They turn up at Midori's work and she brings them home to an apartment that resembles a greenhouse.

shadowkitty has hair that is kinkier than a bdsm dungeon, aparently. matsutakedo posted this.
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