January 13th, 2007

dief: Dief cry


dynamic programming
you look for optical solution

I think idiot notetaker actually wants the optimal solution, though an optical solution might enable hir to see the difference between 1 and i and why they are not interchangable in algebra. s/he's meant to be a grad student. At a university where they experiment with bionics. Maybe Kevin Warrick needed a brain to put microchips into or something... because this level of d-u-m is terrifying.

Okay, so I've been dead for the past two days and don't feel much better now, if without the tag-team Collapse ) in my life, I am still possessed of a stinking headache.

And they've retimetable doesk at the last moment so now he's going back to doskland uni tomorrow rather than monday. So much for being home alone. *sigh* *watches frenzied packathon with interest* *types up more algorithm tech notes*
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