January 26th, 2007

vecchio: study hard

big fannish project

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
46,600 / 60,000

I've finally got out of the nun scene and into some Fraser/Ray travel/banter/recap-of-what-Ray-hasn't-seen. It's more fun than the nun. took re-reading and cleaning up the last 15 pages before I got in my groove enough to handle the nun where I left off. (uhm, that sounds dirtywrong) The banter is more fun, even if the plot bunny keeps growing extra limbs (it's a plot octopus, and the tentacles form little plot details)... uhm, I think what I'm doing is called seeding in those writing books. Still it gives [censored] a reason to lead Huey and Dewey to the [showdown location] to give them a piece of the action. It also builds up [bad guy's] manipulative villany.

What keeps hitting me is how much plot this thing has, in inverse ratio to the currently level of boysecks/gropage/etc. It makes sense, this is a slashfic with ooodles of crime plot. You could take the slash out and just about write the crime plot in gen, but it doesn't work the other way round. This is kind of scary, since I initially developed the crime plot as a B plot, because the twenty five pages my editor/goddess asked for was so many...

Uhm... 46,600 words comes in at 89 pages.

At least the immediate future is clear, the [showdown] is still kind of fuzzy, but I can't wait to dump Ray and Fraser in the [blank] after the scene with the [blank].