February 23rd, 2007

hcl: joenbilly


Guess what? I've been kind of dead. The brain kind of dead.

Also? Our isp has gone bust. :-( so god alone knows what's happening there.

Saw lady about library volunterring yesterday. Now must write letter to the chief mugwump of the local rescue archaeologists re: volunteering to do post excavation stuff.

Oh, and dear mister sandman, please send me a dream without monsters in the basement or icbms (hmm how do you pluralise acronyms?), that nice mister gross might be a good starting point.

Other notes:

LoM: continues good. Gosh, the test card girl is creeeeepy.
CSI: continues to improve. At last, some dealing with whumping incidents.
Heroes: equal parts excitement and tedium. Much love for Hiro.

Missed eureka as I went to bed very early last night as light made brain hurt.

Also have finished present for Mystery RL friend. Uhm, will take pictures before I send so you can admire. Currently tacking on a grid for new cross-stitch project.

Need to kick bfp. I seem to get a few decent days and then a three-four day brane crash *sigh*

Oh, and I bought the Sims (original flavour) for 3 squid yesterday. (I don't have a dedicated whizzo graphics card...)
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