June 9th, 2007

hcl: billy bent mirror


Hello. I'm still alive. Much hate of hormones and headaches and DLA forms of late. Have been doing much stitching to cope with the non-functioning braine. Kimono cross-stitch now looks very pretty. That's about it for now.

Mummyfrog booked a holiday. It is not in Portugal. Rejoice!!

(I lost some tabs. They probably had fic in them. *sigh*)

That's really about it, at this juncture.

On the shiny side, j_s_cavalcante cited the BFP as an example of incredibly unreliable narration over in omphale23's very enlightening post on unreliable narrators over at ds_workshop. So *loves* (And it's a really interesting report with much interesting commentary on playing with audience expectations etc etc).
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