June 26th, 2007

mort: hi


I'm still hanging in here.

Today I managed to see my GP and my acupuncture doc.

Did I mention that I don't like needles.

Where is _unhurt_, when I want to discuss the madness of King George archaeologists who whistle "Clementine" all the time like an academic version of Huckleberry Hound*

*I have bbd to blame for this mental image.

He also provides today's joke:
What is the best way to remove unwanted pubic hair?
Collapse )

This was worse for me, as he was talking about my former latin teacher in the same sentence.
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hugh house

For Your Information

I am wearing a skirt short enough to be one of Frannie Vecchio's.

I.E short enough to leave little to the imagination, but long enough to get past Ma Vecchio.

It's denim and it's freaking the parents out a bit.
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