July 29th, 2007

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watch it collide (the gods have spoken)

Is it weird that I have this urge to do a Hugh Dillon/Headstones sampler? Currently, what I'm thinking about is "Happiness is haunted" done "God Bless this House" style. I'd need to find a nice gothic alphabet (or I could use the one I used on tame American's present... but I'd prefer something a little heavier) And I'm thinking about this way, way too much. As if I haven't got a whole stack of cross-stitching to do anyway. And of course, once I get the geisha girl done (hello, my middle name is Procrastination - actually, I wish it was, I HATE my middle name), I need to do a stitching picspam. I really should contact TA and ask if she has a picture of her present, because, for reasons not to be explored at this juncture but to do with my being a slacker and my camera eating batteries, I did not photograph it.
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Rec Time: Holiday Humour SGA/Torchwood Sheppard/Harkness

janne_d is already one of my favourite people by simple virtue of being herself and coming up with some of the most awesome ideas ever. You may have seen her great Who/SGA crossover (which I think I have tagged somewhere in the rec pile, I'll find it in a minute ETA Taking Time).

I'm not here to talk about the only convincing slashed Doctor I've ever read.

No, I'm here to talk to you about John Sheppard and Jack Harkness.

Just picture it. Hot.

Now multiply the hot by great characterisation and square it.

And you have: A Holiday Humour

He really was flirting with John. Geez, Jack was… well, he was like Rodney thought John was. Which just proved that Rodney was delusional because John was nowhere near this smooth. Of course, it also kind of disproved John’s dream theory, because he was fairly sure his subconscious could never have come up with Captain Jack Harkness by itself.

You have to read it just for the phone conversation with Jack O'Neil, hell you have to read it just for the ending, and just for the Ancient nightlight, and just for Ianto's coffee...
ray-ray: stuck in the middle with you

Ray/Ray Manip (completely clean, any filth is in your minds)

It all started with catwalksalone and her awesome meta post over at dsraysquared.

I decided what every dS loving girl should know already: namely that you need more than one Ray/Ray icon. My "Stuck in the Middle with You" icon dates from when Ray/Ray was a hell of a lot more risque. It also shows that I have always misheard song lyrics.

So there I was, puttering through my folders, trying to find myself a nice picture with both Rays because I wanted to quote "Pathetic Pair" by the Headstones on it, the way you do.

And what did I find?

A nice picture of RayK in a corridor at the 2-7 wearing his Chicago Bulls t-shirt and looking all Taxi Driver with his shoulder holster.

A nice picture of RayV and Fraser standing in a rather similar corridor with better lighting. (Or possibly, they rebuilt the set after the second cancellation and didn't get quite the same shade of Institutional Green for the walls).

And reader, I manipped them.

There's been some talk about constructed realities lately, especially with reference to sdwolfpup's new fanvid (which I will watch as soon as my crappy connection lets me).

So I constructed my own reality. Cut out Vecchio and pasted him next to Kowalski.

My Vecchio is Pasteded on Yay! (sorry sorry sorry. I hate webspeak and I really don't get this sort of web behaviour so lord alone knows why I'm imitating it now)

Which was all well and good. It didn't look at all bad and the lighting looked right.

So, then I fed it into my favourite photoshop toy: MacMerc's Comic Art Effect Tutorial. And it looked awesome. See under the cut.

(There was a bit in the middle where I had to fight Ebay and my skirt was attacked my projectile gravy, but let's ignore that)

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ckr: fear is negotiable


I've been thinking (shock! horror!). I've been thinking, maybe I should get myself some podfic* to listen to. I'm not sure how convinced I am by the whole idea. Something about female voices and "male" narratives. (Oh, and my depression turned up today and I cried all over bbd and that was before ebay went all evil on me.) So, would somebody kindly point me to some good podfic before I try downloading willy-nilly.

Should I start with the stuff posted over at ds_flashfiction lately? Has anyone got opinions on those?

*podfic: the fannish equivalent of a talking book.
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