September 7th, 2007

hugh house

today I win

Number of jobs apps canned: 2

Number of job apps walked to the office and handed over: 1

Remembering to bath before item 2: 1

Words of potential Billy Tallent/Gus Knickel story: 2400

Misheard song lyrics used as titles: 1

£20 notes given by bbd for "being good": 1

There are days when I really wonder about manic depression. Somewhere underneath the headaches I know that I veer all over the place. Then I tell myself that the cycles are way too short. And then I think about it some more and the universe feels fucking fantastic right now and I don't want to think about this at all. Because I don't want to consider that I might not feel like this tomorrow. Today everything is fantastic (except the bit when I gave dosk a book he already had - I can see myself at misanthropic books on Tuesday seeing if I can trade it in). I think all this stuff might just be a sign of being terribly self-centred and always have been wanting to be different.

You didn't really need to see me try and work the brane out, did you?
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