October 4th, 2007

hugh house

hey, I'm awake *surprised*

Things I missed including in the week that was write-up:

the_dosk when confronted by my assertion that my Armando Langoustini was "slightly gay", declared "was there some dipstick graduated "slightly gay" etc"

the_dosk also found some Top Gear shiny, there is some wonderful fanart on deviant art: World's Worst Explorers featuring the Arctic Jezza and Captain Slow style, and Road Trip covering the American Adventure and just plain hilarious. The boys' facial expressions are just gold. Seriously.

Also, in the charity shop opposite the church, I bought a "true crime" book for just the blurb on the back:
Further afield there was the Mountie and the American private detective who loathed each other - but doggedly searched for clues under the snow in the depths of a Yukon winter

Doesn't that sound like the most fabulous AU fodder? Slow painful recognition that it isn't hate but love. And lashings and lashings of sex. *happy smile*
hugh house

bloody typical

I'm finally together enough to hit the computer, what happens? The writting mojo turns into an inarticulate mess.

Maybe I'll try again later. I really want to develop the Armando thing and I'm still having snippets of the new bfp turn up.

Incomprehensible notes to self: Jenifer meets Michelle -> guitar. Mulgrew grows his hair long in a ponytail. "Ed is out of town. I'm handling things." Both true, both lies

*logs off*