November 8th, 2007

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Cook with Buzzy: Bread Pudding

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If anyone writes an analysis of British Puddings, they are going to come up against "Puddings that use up Spare Bread". The list starts with Summer Pudding, continues with Sussex Pond Pudding and ends with the, in my opinion quite vile and possibly the desert equivalent of Marmite, Bread and Butter Pudding.

But I am telling you today that the best and the greatest such foodstuff is Bread Pudding!

As I recall this recipe is childproof, it is certainly buzzyproof, and you are pretty unlikely to find it in a recipe book:

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hcl: billy reads

*creeps out of the darkness*

Hi! If you haven't worked it out, I'm working pretty intently on a project now, it's rather time consuming... that's as much as I can say on the topic.

migaira you now have the recipe.

Today, I had an interview somewhere I would actually like to work. I'm hopefulish. Tomorrow, there is an employment open day somewhere else I like.

Archaeologists continue weird, Inepts continue inept. I'm going to see the_dosk on Saturday.

I had all these interesting things to say (and yes, I have a squillion replies due and weeks of lj to trawl. May I thank god for ds_weekly!

On the other hand, I think some people here might need a buzzy-primer. So here we go.

I'm English, in my early twenties (just) and answer to buzzylittleb, little-b or buzzy. Little-b is the name most of my fanfiction is archived under. I'm stuck in a small town existence with my parents. I have a degree but (currently) no job other than voluntary archaeologist wrangling. I am very short, hence my interest in "low level shelving" I also like binary.

Some people I talk about fairly regularly are:

  • the bbd aka big bad daddy: who is not particularly big or bad de-facto best friend and yes my dad

  • the_dosk my brother, who loves making virtual daleks. He is nowhere near as annoying as I make out

  • mummyfrog: just guess

  • shadowkitty: my evil twin as all the Lolmeme people know

  • migaira: research chemist and all round awesome person, also responsible for my lust for Eimalzin chocolate

  • papajoemambo my pet canuck and made of awesome

  • tame american: objects strongly to the name, but doesn't bite

  • etiquette queen: the one person who knows how to address a viscount (not the chocolate kind) like mary poppins: practically perfect in every way.

  • I could go on naming every single lj friend I've got, but I love all too many of you to count... so *hugs* *hughs*

And, hey, what about some memity action: pick one of my interests and I will try to explain.
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