November 18th, 2007

hugh house

I'm so worried about the baggage retrival system they've got at heathrow

Yes, it is communicate through song lyrics time.

Point of the post:

Working on the mysterious thing, I came across a great idea and now I'm worrying that I a) have fallen out of my tree and b) have just ruined the whole thing, it is that left field.

What I'm trying to tell myself is:

"got to keep moving just like I've been told, it's a wonder I made it this far..."

Hugh Dillon

Uh, is Hugh really talking about "a fox on the steppe" or have my ears gone weird again?

Oh, and on a Hugh note, the new song is made of awesome cakes
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face facts

Today I am completely listless, all I've done is lounge around and angst about the mysterious thing and writing the mysterious thing. I think I might have got a thousand or so words in first thing, but I think I have lost the thread. *sigh* Maybe I should turn the computer off (and save some trees) and go watch Antiques Roadshow and possibly a dvd and try and look enthusiastic about roast chicken.

I just feel blah. I might as well hibernate and get some writing done tomorrow instead (but I keep saying this and I have a deadline to write to) and next week features busy-ness in the form of a) dentist b) work and c) seasonal trip to France to buy washing powder (I don't know why I volunteered last time it completely wiped me out and was 90% boring. The other 10% involved telling a lady that "la fete de maman n'est pas au juillet en angleterre mais en avril!")
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