December 27th, 2007

vecchio: hurty

option your options - catch up, writing, Vecchio canon, stockings

Ouch, my moment of grace yesterday is certainly gone, my head hurts like a hurting thing. I am meant to be pestering the_dosk into giving me notes to type up and suggesting some Terms and Conditions should he make the notes available to the unwashed masses. I also emailed Tame American and congratulated her on not being eaten by a stray tiger. Such things are very important.

I am still watching my own dsss entry with much curiousity.

I need to get a copy of the mysterious thing out to beta. I had a beta version then I started rejigging things, so... no beta copy yet.

Is Vecchio's dislike of computers canon or fanon? Anyone who can quote something will be made of win.

Now I am going to read about Fraser in stockings, (of course, the creator of tights should be arrested) courtesy of dsss. This means avoiding alphabetical order and sensible approaches. Like you know me for my sensible approaches.
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