January 21st, 2008

animal: omg llamas!

Now All I Need Are Ghoulish Llamas or Llama Ghoulash

I reckon that about eighty to ninety percent of the f-list share my ghoulish and possibly twisted sense of humour. And then there was mergatrude talking about her big book of scary love songs and the necrophilia section. Tom Reynolds, Touch Me, I'm Sick: The 52 creepiest love songs you've ever heard: the mergatrude review.

This collided wonderfully, with papajoemambo's latest post. Joe loves introducing people to new things and sometimes I introduce him to things back, so a while ago I said that he really needed to listen to the Pupini Sisters. Then, last week he told me to listen to the New TuesdayWeld. And then he came up with The Puppini Sisters and the New Tuesday Weld together in one wonderful song, You can fall apart on me! *loves* Ghoulish, ironic, and awesome.

I'll just take the opportunity to link to the canada fangirl collective hivemind's favourite song about necrophilia Cemetary by the Headstones. I swear there is a vampire cricket bat in there somewhere along with the snowman and the flying guitar. *grin*

Eighty to ninety percent is also probably the proportion of people on the flist who share my love of llamas and other camelids.

the_dosk linked me to some lovely llamas including baby llama kissing! llama love!
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