April 3rd, 2008

welsh: headdesk

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And still, the battle of the broadband goes on. Company B is currently hating Company A, which gives them something in common with the people phoning (they had to take on extra staff in the call centre) asking why Company A isn't answering its phone calls. Company B seems to have shifted our bandwidth upwards, which is good, but still doesn't match the amount in the contract. The bbd has actually managed to talk to somebody at Company A, who was singularly unhelpful.

In short, I might be dipping my toes back into the internet... except right now I have job apps to do and the brane has been up to its old tricks so no playing with archaeologists this week. :-( emoticon of understatement.

[And I managed to miss all the fun of ds_con_envy and everything el-jay-ical of late. I did get a postcard from _unhurt_]

On the better news front; while I still don't have an appt with the brane clinic which is less than 18 months after its predecessor, I may be having another occipital nerve injection next week. Since I am currently knackered of brane-pane; this might be a good thing. I couldn't do anything yesterday, I was miserible.

For fannish-thoughts;
1) ITV4 is rerunning the Prisoner! To not watch would be unmutual!
2) Uh, absolutely not trembling with anticipation re: Saturday and nor is the_dosk
3) Has anyone written a Sentinel - Numb3rs cross-over. Think about it; twice the hair, twice the geeks... maybe Mr Ebbs has a phone call from his date, Naomi, saying that her son needs a mathematician in a hurry
4) Introduced the_dosk to Numb3rs (we ♥ Larry) and mummyfrog seems to have developed a fondness for House
5) If I get another comment from family members about my love for Holmes on Homes and the beefcake quotinent... *eyeroll*
6) I actually wrote and re-organised "On the Inside..." Current draft has 23,000 words -ish and many many notes about tattoos.