June 7th, 2008

hugh huh (twitch)

How did I get here?

I've been a little out of it yesterday and today, so I haven't been around or anything.

Antipodeans: I got the theme tune for "Blinky Bill" in my head yesterday; that is cruel and inhuman and I prefered "Dot and the Koala" a lot more. I had a childhood fascination with Australia, which stemmed from my grandparents going to visit my aunt (and something like everything out there; my grandmother used to talk very fondly of the blue mountains) and somewhere there is a scrapbook which my four-year-old self filled with postcards of kangaroes.

I finally got my giraffe photographs processed; luck won out against film decay and I have four lovely shots. (This was way back, when we holidayed at the house of the frankencats in Spain; the trip inspired Sometimes Ideas Just Bite You And They Don't Let Go. We had gone to a weird botanical garden/zoo hybrid, with fascinating orchid gradens and... it was good.

I don't have much else to say at this point. Still no spikey babies on the windowsill front.

ETA: Moonlight finale = good; Cancellation = bad, ADA getting list = interesting for a season that probably won't happen *sigh* I'd say I'm hoping for somebody to pick it up and run with it (or point me in the direction of the source material) but I despair very much for most of the het stuff I have encountered reads... I don't want to finish that sentence.

(It may help to say that I started out in X-men fanfiction (not my first ever fannish experience, just the first that involved fan fiction) and a lot of it is written by 14 year old girls who think Rogue and Gambit are so tragic... *cringes*

Uh, as I have het on my plate, anyone want to point me in the direction of some good stuff