June 11th, 2008

hugh 4

update and blather

Brane has been busy lately, along the lines of "ouch, ouch, ouch, I thought my medication was clobbering you, ouch!" And so, tomorrow I am getting needled. As if the blood test on Monday was not enough (and finger-pricking devices are evil, glucose drinks are strangely nice in a flat-lemonade diet-squash way).

I have really really wanted to write lately, so I might just do that.

Also, I caught my ear-worm song and stuck it in del.icio.us. (Uh. The Beep Beep song by Simone White, recognisable as the soundtrack to an Audi advertisement of not terribly recent).

Fx is tormenting me with new Dexter "coming soon". I want my favourite serial killer out and about.

Uh, also, tried to read too many Chuck Palahnuik books in quick succession. I now have an appreciation, if that's the word, of his worse writing bugs. Like suddenly invoking video-recorded sensory impressions (uh, like that movie they keep showing on Sci Fi with some posh english actor beginning with R) and, yes, a distinctive voice.

The last bit worries me a bit because my voice is pretty distinctive (and I am writing multiple viewpoints lately)

PS have I missed anything interesting? I have a very wide definition of interesting, so let me know.