June 12th, 2008

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Today I got needled. Stellonstein using me as an acupuncture pin cushion. Ouch! I should have insisted he count the pins in and out, because I've had them coming home with me before and now is bare feets season.

A huge chunk of dS fandom are elsewhere (otherwise known as con_txt)

I don't have a huge amount to say right now, beyond I need to hunt down the Sentinel fic with Jim as a complete and utter queen; because I decided last night it would cheer me up.

Now, dinner and maybe a poke at the fanfiction (even if I have other things needing doing... they can get done later).
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Red: Torchwood / Twitch City crossover

A very happy-making rec of semi-random here:

Deja Vu or Something by clionaeilis

There is much to recommend this; it hits Planet of the Cats in Twitch City and I'd put it as misc Season 2 as far as Torchwood is considered. It's just very funny. Everything from Ianto making his perfect plan; Newbie (*points to icon* as played by Callum Keith Rennie) gets acquainted with Jack, Hope and Gwen do not get along at all. And that misses out some of the fun and most of the dialogue.

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On The Inside... Frannie

Okay, over at malnpudl, in her distract-me post, I had a strange attack of confidence. Well, you guys know I am pretty cagey about the actual output even if you get the occasional fic-meta post. It is still in miles to go before I sleep form, and some serious rewrites, so... yeah, still haven't sent it through beta (I think I am waiting on that) even if I consult some of you guys on the meta aspects and characterisation (I totally dig your help, guys, I sometimes get a little out of key).

So what did I do?

I just posted a whole Frannie chunk that was not in the xmas post.

(Uh, for the unitiated, "On the Inside, I'm a Poet" started out as my due south seekrit santa entry for greenonme. It then grew to massive proportions and I am still working on it, which includes a close to ground-up rewrite of even some of the material I did post.

The whole thing is a due South Singer/Songwriter AU featuring Kowalski/Turnbull and Stella/Vecchio, with some extra fun from the Duck Boys, Fraser/Smithbauer and it looks like there will be Elaine/Frannie as well...

So, if you've followed the xmas version, this is uh, Frannie meeting a certain guy in a leather jacket...

(I don't know whether to cross-post here, or just link. At the mo, I am pressed for time)

Link to Working Title: Frannie Scene Shifting Action
(uh, it's more interesting than that, really)